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Call-A-Head™ at 1-800-634-2085 has redefined the standard of excellence in the portable sink industry. Whether you need to rent a sink or washbasin short term or long term, Callahead has the right solution for your needs in Long Island & NYC, New York including the five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island as well as Nassau County and Suffolk County in Long Island and Westchester County in New York. Your special event or construction job site will have a high level of cleanliness and satisfaction with the facilities you provide when having a portable sink washbasin available.


The Portable Sink has four hand washing stations, each complete with paper towel holders, soap dispensers, and hands-free foot pump faucets.

With no need for water connections, the Portable Sink will deliver exceptional sanitary protection for construction job sites and special events for multiple users at the same time.


CALLAHEAD’s SPRING WATER Sink System delivers a homelike sink without the need for any water hook-up or sewer connection. The SPRING WATER Sink System is completely self-contained and designed to run on bottled water.

The SPRING WATER Sink System is the perfect solution for long-term jobs or short-term special events.


The HAND BASIN is CALLAHEAD's versatile stand-alone hand washing system which is the perfect solution for smaller job sites or special events, or when limited space is available.

The HAND BASIN system offers all the features necessary for sanitary hand washing in a compact unit complete with soap and paper towel dispensers, as well as a foot pump for hands free washing.

"Well, The Standard Has Been Set, At Least For The Time Being.

It Is Important That We As a Company Get Better At Competing Against Ourselves."

- Charles W. Howard, President & CEO


The Roller Sink is a single user handwashing system that is ideal when space is limited, or easy mobility is required. The Roller Sink is easily transported with its built in handle at the top and sturdy rubber tread wheels.

Ideal for construction job sites, work places and special events the Roller Sink is equipped with soap and paper towel dispensers, as well as a foot pump for hand free washing.


The Portable Wash Basin is recommended to accompany any portable toilet rental to ensure proper hygiene for construction job sites, parties, or any special event.

The Portable Wash Basin features a foot operated pump which provides an immediate water stream and hands-free washing clearance for hand to elbow washing. Convenient paper towel and antibacterial soap dispensers are mounted on this portable sink.

"To Develop And Evolve A Human Necessity."

- Charles W. Howard, President & CEO


The Water Basin is a vanity style washing station that is fully outfitted with two molded-in maintenance-free spigots, two high capacity spray soap dispensers, and a lockable single fold paper towel dispenser.

With handles on all four sides, this unit is easy to maneuver and is recommended for construction job sites, special events, playgrounds or any public venue.


The CAH A16 SINK is an architecturally designed self-contained commercial sink enclosed inside its own room with thermostat heat to provide non-potable hot and cold running water in a warm and comfortable setting. Especially during New York's winter months.

The CAH A16 SINK is perfect for handwashing, cleaning tools, paint brushes, dishes, cookware, and utensils or just about anything you can think of that can be washed in a sink.


The Sink Basin® is a spacious portable unit enclosed with a large commercial grade stainless steel sink with Delta faucet, Go Jo hand cleaning dispenser, paper towel dispenser, and more!

The Sink Basin is ideal for those heavy duty construction job sites and special events that require a commercial quality sink that is portable with no need for water lines.


This is one of the most durable commercial grade stainless steel sinks available in the field. The WaterMaster 100 features a large single basin with a stainless steel faucet, and large 50 gallon water tanks.

Also included are an inline water filter, plus automatic water shutoff when the fresh water supply runs out.

"People Like To Say 'Less Is More', Or 'More Or Less', But Nothing Will Ever Change The Fact That More Is More."

- Charles W. Howard, President & CEO


Designed for special events and job sites to be health code compliant and sanitary, this stainless steel sink is easily cleaned and disinfected for added protection.

Provides 100 gallons of fresh water, so no sewer connection is required. Our 115 gallon waste water tank is a completely separate tank so there is never any worry of grey water contamination.


The WaterMaster 300 is CALLAHEAD’s largest commercial sink providing 3 commercial grade sink basins to handle any size job large or small.

Designed with a built in stainless steel work shelf makes this sink a complete working station to wash, rinse and dry. The WaterMaster 300 is guaranteed to make special event organizers and construction job site operators confident of being health code compliant.

"Speed Creates Confidence, Confidence Creates Speed."

- Charles W. Howard, President & CEO


The Sink System features a faucet made from stainless steel and provides water exactly the same as the faucet in your home.

CALLAHEAD's "invented and designed" Portable Sink System supplies fresh water to this homelike sink, with both separate fresh and gray water tanks. Ideal for job site trailers, with no water lines required.


The PORCELAIN SINK SYSTEM is another CALLAHEAD exclusive, and invention by Charles W. Howard, CALLAHEAD’s President and CEO. Mr. Howard invented the ground-breaking sink system in 1986 to deliver the best porcelain sink system for office and container-xl trailers at the construction site or other long-term locations.

The PORCELAIN SINK SYSTEM will provide 35 gallons of clean non-potable/non-drinkable water with its own portable water and sewer system at locations without any water source available.


The revolutionary MAC SINK SYSTEM is an invention by Charles W. Howard, President and CEO of CALLAHEAD. The MAC SINK SYSTEM is a life-changing innovation providing non-potable hot and cold sink water to locations where there is no running water, sewer, or cesspool to collect grey water.

The key to this invention, the MAC SINK SYSTEM does not require any gravity to operate. A perfect solution for container office trailers or when you have no crawl space available at the construction site.


The WATERSHED 16 is a CALLAHEAD invention that delivers fresh non-potable water to any remote location. Whether you require water for long-term jobs or short-term special events, the WATERSHED 16 will supply 130-gallons of freshwater when and where you need it.

The WATERSHED 16 can be refilled daily, weekly, monthly or upon request. CALLAHEAD commonly rents the WATERSHED 16 for construction sites, water shut-offs, restroom trailers, or any job in need of fresh water, and does not have any domestic plumbing or water supply on-site.


The WATERSHED 25 is CALLAHEAD’s 300-gallon freshwater tank protected in its own architecturally designed shed and built using only marine grade materials.

The WATERSHED 25 is a CALLAHEAD exclusive created and invented by President and CEO, Charles W. Howard. The storage shed is very well insulated and equipped with a heater to avoid any chance of water freezing during New York’s coldest winter months. The water tank is hooked up to a well pump to provide 50 pounds of water pressure to even the most remote locations.

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