Porcelain Toilets, Sinks, and Portable Water and Sewer Systems

CALLAHEAD’s Porcelain Toilet Systems and Sink Systems for office trailers are installed and connected to the Portable Water and Sewer System which was invented in 1986 by the CALLAHEAD Corporation for the portable sanitation industry. Installing porcelain toilets will give your office trailer’s bathroom a homelike feel. We are the only company in our industry that has a system that feels like you are connected to a domestic sewer line and water line, yet still completely mobile.

Unlike other companies, CALLAHEAD’s Porcelain Toilet Systems and Sink Systems are always installed and operate completely separate. Our fresh water tanks for our sinks and toilets function completely separate from one another. We deliver fresh water that is assured sanitary from our fresh water only delivery trucks. Each grey water tank and black water tank are installed and operate completely separate as well. So there is zero chance of grey or black water contamination. Our winterization package eliminates the worry of winter freeze-ups and only CALLAHEAD systems operate 100% odor free.

Our systems have been developed over decades for homelike bathroom operation in your office trailer. Available for same day installation throughout New York City’s five boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island including Westchester County and Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island.


HOME Porcelain System
The HOME Porcelain Toilet System for Office Trailers

The HOME PORCELAIN TOILET is one of CALLAHEAD’s largest porcelain toilets that looks and operates just like a traditional porcelain toilet bowl in your home.

A durable porcelain toilet bowl constructed of 100% vitreous china. Its chrome spring loaded flushing handle and the toilet bowl’s flush and forget technology ensures a thorough one-touch flush every time.

This toilet guarantees homelike comfort and is the perfect system for every day heavy bathroom usage inside the office trailer.

TRAILER Porcelain System
The TRAILER Porcelain Toilet System for Office Trailers

CALLAHEAD’s TRAILER PORCELAIN TOILET is our foot activated flushing system that is a lightweight design that is big on features. Constructed of tough vitreous porcelain china that is easy to clean and won’t absorb any odors.

A full sized comfortable toilet seat and deep bowl will be sure to please. Installed and connected to CALLAHEAD’s Portable Water and Sewer System guarantees homelike sewer operation inside the office trailer for a pleasant trip to the bathroom.

"To Mirror Greatness, You Must Stand In Front Of It."

- Charles W. Howard, President & CEO
CONTRACTOR'S Porcelain System
The CONTRACTOR'S Porcelain Toilet System for Office Trailers

Our CONTRACTORS PORCELAIN TOILET is a contemporary style full size porcelain toilet bowl. The seat is similar to sitting in a standard chair for knee and hip comfort.

An easy foot operated flushing system that is pressed down to flush and lifts to adjust the water level will ensure precise control and smart water usage.

This porcelain toilet is stain, scratch and odor resistant and will provide you nothing but comfort in your office trailers restroom.

ECONO Porcelain System
The Econo Porcelain Toilet System for Office Trailers

CALLAHEAD's Econo Porcelain Toilet System is our tasteful and elegant Euro-designed porcelain toilet bowl that is affordably priced.

The ECONO PORCELAIN TOILET SYSTEM is our smallest porcelain toilet system available that is lightweight, yet durable to handle every day restroom use inside your office trailer.

Installed by our uniformed professional plumber and connected to the CALLAHEAD invented Portable Water and Sewer System, you will have a homelike bathroom experience inside your office trailer.


CALLAHEAD’s MAC SYSTEM is another innovation by CALLAHEAD. It is a revolutionary product that delivers a porcelain toilet and portable water and sewer system to commercial and residential locations such as, container office trailers, home basements, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, traditional office trailers, garages and sheds and so much more.

CALLAHEAD’s MAC SYSTEM offers real solutions for a stress-free porcelain toilet system at the job site.


FRESH WATER Holding Tanks
Fresh Water Holding Tanks for Porcelain Toilet System Designed for Office Trailers

Designed by CALLAHEAD, our FRESH WATER HOLDING TANKS are the thickest, most durable polyethylene tanks available for rent; guaranteed to provide you nothing but sanitary fresh water right when you need it!

Our FRESH WATER HOLDING TANKS are all low profile tanks that can fit under just about any office trailer's crawl space.

Only CALLAHEAD's FRESH WATER HOLDING TANK rentals are guaranteed to supply fresh water to your office trailers bathroom sink, toilet or shower all year long without any worry of winter freeze-ups.

WASTE WATER Holding Tanks
Waste Water Holding Tanks for Porcelain Toilet System Designed for Office Trailers

These black WASTE WATER HOLDING TANKS are available to rent in 10 different sizes from 50 to 300 gallons.

These WASTE WATER HOLDING TANKS are not only for office trailers and restroom stations, but also easily connected to any outdoor portable toilet, portable sink, portable commercial grade sink and portable showers.

Our WASTE WATER HOLDING TANKS essentially eliminate the need for sewer or cesspool hook-ups. We also offer an optional alarm system installed inside the WASTE WATER HOLDING TANK to prevent overflows.



The WATERSHED 16 is a CALLAHEAD invention that delivers fresh non-potable water to any remote location. Whether you require water for long-term jobs or short-term special events, the WATERSHED 16 will supply 130-gallons of freshwater when and where you need it.

The WATERSHED 16 can be refilled daily, weekly, monthly or upon request. CALLAHEAD commonly rents the WATERSHED 16 for construction sites, water shut-offs, restroom trailers, or any job in need of fresh water, and does not have any domestic plumbing or water supply on-site.


The WATERSHED 25 is CALLAHEAD’s 300-gallon freshwater tank protected in its own architecturally designed shed and built using only marine grade materials.

The WATERSHED 25 is a CALLAHEAD exclusive created and invented by President and CEO, Charles W. Howard. The storage shed is very well insulated and equipped with a heater to avoid any chance of water freezing during New York’s coldest winter months. The water tank is hooked up to a well pump to provide 50 pounds of water pressure to even the most remote locations.


The PORCELAIN SINK SYSTEM is another CALLAHEAD exclusive, and invention by Charles W. Howard, CALLAHEAD’s President and CEO. Mr. Howard invented the ground-breaking sink system in 1986 to deliver the best porcelain sink system for office and container trailers at the construction site or other long-term locations.

The PORCELAIN SINK SYSTEM will provide 35 gallons of clean non-potable/non-drinkable water with its own portable water and sewer system at locations without any water source available.


The revolutionary MAC SINK SYSTEM is an invention by Charles W. Howard, President and CEO of CALLAHEAD. The MAC SINK SYSTEM is a life-changing innovation providing non-potable hot and cold sink water to locations where there is no running water, sewer, or cesspool to collect grey water.

The key to this invention, the MAC SINK SYSTEM does not require any gravity to operate. A perfect solution for container office trailers or when you have no crawl space available at the construction site.

Bosch Hot Water Heater

The HEADMIST, installed in your portable restroom, will automatically release a fresh scent to dissipate any unpleasant odors for every user, and will forever change the outlook of using a portable toilet.

Even otherwise skeptical users of portable toilets will use a CALLAHEAD portable toilet, due to the HEADMIST's clean fresh scent.

Bosch Hot Water Heater

CALLAHEAD is proud to offer the BOSCH HOT WATER HEATER for your on-site trailer hot water needs.

This electric water heater puts hot water right at your finger-tips and is the perfect solution for trailer sinks supplying the user hot water without the wait.

The unit is lightweight and compact to fit perfectly under your sink and comes in an elegant Italian design.

Hand Towel Dispenser

The HANDTOWEL DISPENSER is the perfect way to keep clean and minimize the risk of spreading germs when you wash your hands whether using soap and water or an antiseptic dispenser.

Since the HANDTOWEL DISPENSER is maintained and refilled with new paper towels as needed by CALLAHEAD, users will be able to dry their hands easily and conveniently to maximize their hygienic standards.


Not only do HEADLINERS protect against germs and bacteria, but your unit will also stay cleaner longer.

CALLAHEAD's HEADLINERS are an excellent service for your employees or guests, who will appreciate its value and a "must have" for every job site and special event.

Antiseptic Dispenser

Installed and maintained by CALLAHEAD the ANTISEPTIC DISPENSER is an attractive white and gray dispenser that is quick and easy to use to achieve proper hand sanitizing.

The antiseptic gel provided and refilled by CALLAHEAD, kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses.

Soap Dispenser

SOAP DISPENSERs are an essential accessory to any portable sink, toilet or restroom and are proven to encourage handwashing when offered.

The SOAP DISPENSER is filled with 800 ml of antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria that can cause serious illness.