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New York Portable Toilet Recommendationss

CALLAHEAD realizes that every construction jobsite is different, particularly home building and home renovation locations. Construction in residential areas makes it even more of a priority to ensure you have clean and sanitary portable toilet facilities that look good. Only CALLAHEAD provides the largest selection of styles and amenities in home construction porta potties that are pleasing to look at and can even blend into the landscape. Because CALLAHEAD also provides the best portable toilet cleaning service in the industry using hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants, you won’t have to worry about lingering odor issues or unsanitary conditions at the house construction site. In fact, when neighbors see a CALLAHEAD portable restroom on your home building site, they too will appreciate your portable toilet rental selection. Another perk to renting a CALLAHEAD house construction port a potty, are CALLAHEAD’s brand new and shiny clean trucks along with our trained uniformed service technicians. Renting a CALLAHEAD means you will never have an old jalopy truck arriving on the home construction site. A CALLAHEAD home builder’s portable toilet will definitely bring your job site to a higher level.

Just a few Home Construction recommendations include:

The GREEN HEAD is a favored portable toilet rental for new house construction due to its forest green design. This is a home builder’s porta potty that will blend into gardens, trees and grass so it is less noticeable. A home construction toilet neighbors will also appreciate.

Another highly rented home construction portable toilet rental is A WHITE TOILET. The all white exterior looks crisp and clean which solidifies CALLAHEAD’s sanitary cleaning service as second to none.

The ECONO HEAD is CALLAHEAD’s standard home builder’s portable toilet designed in a sturdy cement grey color. This house construction porta potty supplies unparalleled sanitary service and function at an affordable price.

When home renovation sites are located near any water location, many select CALLAHEAD’s own design BLUE WATER TOILET. This is an affordable portable toilet that provides function, design and quality all in one.

Since 1976 CALLAHEAD has been developing new and innovative portable toilets and systems for the construction industry making us experts in home construction portable toilet service. CALLAHEAD provides the best porta potties for home builders, with the largest variety and hospital grade cleaning service to please both house construction workers and local residents alike. A CALLAHEAD customer is a satisfied customer who is assured that this is one aspect to their home construction site that they won’t have to stress about.


A White Toilet Porta PottyA WHITE TOILET is a home builders’ construction portable toilet rental that will look crisp and clean at any house construction or house renovation jobsite.

The all-white home construction porta potty makes it impossible for the dirt to hide.  It is a full sized portable restroom that you can see and feel is sanitary.   It delivers function, durability, and style all in one.


The GREEN HEAD Portable Toilet | Portable Restroom

THE GREEN HEAD is a standard house construction porta potty that will blend beautifully into any residential landscape location with its garden themed CALLAHEAD signature signage. 

Designed by CALLAHEAD primarily for home builders and home renovation jobs, this portable toilet rental will please contractors and the neighbors alike.  Adding value but not cost to the home builder. 



ECONO HEAD is an affordable house construction port a potty rental that is economically priced while holding high in value. 

This home builder’s porta potty is equipped with a full sized toilet seat and separate non splash urinal that includes CALLAHEAD’s superior cleaning service so you will be sure it will stay sanitary throughout its rental.


The Blue Water Portable Toilet | Portable Restroom

A BLUE WATER TOILET is an uplifting Royal Blue home construction portable toilet with CALLAHEAD’s refreshing water themed signature signage to add style to any home builders’ site. 

A perfect rental for house renovation jobs on beaches or other waterfront neighborhoods.  This is a full sized porta potty rental that is affordably priced yet looks expensive.    



THE PORTAHEAD 16 is a CALLAHEAD constructed and designed self-contained home builders’ portable restroom that operates just like a bathroom inside your home. 

Constructed of durable fiberglass with stainless steel lockable door, it is equipped with a flushing porcelain toilet bowl, stainless steel sink, faucet, lights, electric outlet, thermostat, and so much more.


The Full Service Head

FULL SERVICE HEAD is a home builders’ portable toilet that will exceed every contractors’ expectations. The distinctive art deco design is sure to set your home renovation job above the rest.

The stainless steel flushing toilet bowl, full hand washing sink, trash receptacle, mirror and extra-large 90 gallon holding tank giving you the highest value.


Porta Potty - The Construction Wash & Flush THE CONSTRUCTION WASH AND FLUSH new home construction portable restroom rental provides house construction workers a full service restroom at the job site.

Outfitted with a flushing toilet, hand washing sink, and Headliner toilet seat covers to provide the utmost sanitary portable toilet facilities at any house renovation location.


Portable Sink - The Hand Basin

THE HAND BASIN is a self-contained house construction hand washing sink perfect for home builders to keep the job site sanitary without the need for running water.  A foot operated pump supplies a steady stream of water. 

The filled antibacterial soap and paper towel dispensers provide all of the necessary amenities for hand washing at the home contracting site.


Portable Sink - The Roller Sink

THE ROLLER SINK house construction sink rental is a self-contained portable sink on wheels that is perfect when space is limited.  It easily maneuvers through narrow doorways, halls, alley ways or other tight spaces, even apartment buildings. 

This home builders’ hand washing sink has a foot operated pump, filled antibacterial soap and paper towel dispensers for optimum sanitizing capability. 


THE SHOWERHEAD 16 THE SHOWER HEAD 16 is a house construction portable shower that supplies both hot and cold running water that can be adjusted to your personal temperature preference.

This outdoor portable shower is ideal for home bathroom renovations or when home builders need to scrub away hazardous materials such as paints and cement used at the jobsite.


Containment Tray

CONTAINMENT TRAY is a home builders’ accessory rental highly recommended to accompany every portable toilet rental.  

Placed beneath a portable toilet, the containment tray is used as a drip tray to contain water and cleaning solutions to eliminate leaks beneath your portable toilet.  It will ensure home builders’ meet local, state, and federal run-off regulations at the jobsite.


Head Mist Air Freshener

HEADMIST is a house construction porta potty accessory rental that provides odor control to eliminate odors quickly from previous users. 

This is a highly regarded accessory item, particularly in home renovation portable restroom rentals.  Its automatic time released scent delivers a fresh clean scent and pleasant bathroom use for every home builder and contractor. 




HEADLINER toilet seat covers is a CALLAHEAD home construction porta potty accessory that can be installed inside any house construction portable toilet to supply every home builder and contractor a clean, dry and sanitary toilet set. 

Filled with 250 toilet seat covers and maintained by CALLAHEAD to help eliminate the spread of germs at the job site.



Hand Towel Dispenser

HAND TOWEL DISPENSER can be installed in any house construction portable toilet.   Our biodegradable single use hand towels are the best way to guarantee hygienic protection to home builders to whip clean after washing with soap and water or antiseptic wash. 

Each filled dispenser is sealed tightly, refilled and maintained by CALLAHEAD making this a high demand accessory item.   




Our HOME CONSTRUCTION RECOMMENDATIONS include Portable Restrooms, Callahead Green Head Video, Portable Sinks, Towelette Stands & Antiseptic Stands.


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