Our were designed by CALLAHEAD Corporation specifically for our porcelain toilet and sink systems. A process we began back in 1986 so our portable water and sewer system operates as if an office trailer or restroom station's toilet, sink or shower is connected to a domestic water and sewer line.

We began by searching to locate the thickest and most durable polyethylene tanks available so they won't rupture. These black are available to rent in 10 different sizes from 50 to 300 gallons. We chose our to be a dark black color so you never have to view the unpleasant grey or black waste water inside the tank.

Our low profile tanks are designed to lay flat on the ground so they fit under just about any office trailer's crawl space. However, when polyethylene tanks are laid flat in this position the top deck of the tank will naturally concave due to lack of upright support. To avoid this natural occurrence, we customized the by installing two 4" x 4" wooden supports to eliminate the holding tank from collapsing. Next, we put a 3" PVC female thread fitting in each corner of the tank along with 3" caps with cables attached to the caps to prevent loss.

This process allows plumbing hook-ups to the . We also turned our into a combination tank/bin. We call this the "Bin Effect". We installed 3 black 8" twists on the equipment covers so when all 3 of the covers are open the holding tank essentially becomes a bin. There are several benefits of having our tanks operate as a bin.

At every service call our uniformed service technician has the ability to clean your thoroughly every single time. In addition to the most thorough cleanings in the industry, we also install necessary equipment inside the tanks such as heaters, filters, Albrine solution, check valves and pumps.

The equipment installed promises to provide the best sanitation in the field along with a system that operates completely odor free. Our heaters and Albrine solution provide security that you will have uninterrupted operation of your toilet, sink or shower even in the winter months with no chance of freeze-ups.

We also offer an optional alarm system installed inside the to prevent overflows. Each displays CALLAHEAD's prominent aluminum plates on the top. One plate displays our contact information and the other the gallonage of the tank.

These are not only for office trailers and restroom stations but also easily connected to any outdoor portable toilet, portable sink, portable commercial grade sink and portable showers.

Our essentially eliminate the need for sewer or cesspool hook-ups. CALLAHEAD's are available to rent with same day delivery and installation. We service all of Westchester County, Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island and New York City's five boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island.

We thought of every detail when creating these from its operation, odor control, cleanliness and very importantly its ability to fit virtually under just about every trailer's crawl space. This allows nearly every office trailer to have the greatest porcelain toilet system, sink system or portable water and sewer system in their restroom that is only available from CALLAHEAD.


  • are available in 10 sizes and vary (see size chart below)
  • Our lowest profile height is 12"
  • 10 different gallonage rentals available from 50 to 300 gallons
  • are constructed of the strongest most durable polyethylene available
  • All WASTE WATER HOLDING TANK rentals include delivery, installation, waste removal, our winterization package, repairs (if necessary) and removal of equipment with no extra or hidden charges
  • Three installed 8" equipment covers creates our "Bin Effect" for the most sanitary cleaning, odorless operation and eliminate freeze-ups
  • Installed with wood upright supports to eliminate natural concaving of the center of the holding tanks
  • Four 3" capped openings on top allow for quick and easy disposal of black or grey water from the tank
  • are black polyethylene so you will never have to view the black or grey water inside the tank
Width Length Height Gallons
24 48 12 50
24 48 16 75
36 48 12 85
36 48 16 115
48 48 12 115
48 48 16 150
48 72 12 170
48 72 16 225
48 96 12 225
48 96 16 300


  • Constructed of extra thick, black, heavy duty polyethylene
  • CALLAHEAD Corporation designed these specifically for the portable sanitation industry and they are available only exclusively through CALLAHEAD
  • available as low as 12 inches in height making them the lowest profile holding tanks in the industry
  • come in 10 different size options to accommodate just about any waste disposal need
  • The grey and black waste water is removed by a like new CALLAHEAD tank truck and then disposed at a waste water treatment plant
  • CALLAHEAD's innovative winterization package eliminates freeze-ups through the entire winter by installing heaters, heat tapes and Albrine solution at no extra charge
  • To eliminate natural concaving of the top deck of the , CALLAHEAD customized a support procedure by installing 4" x 4" wooden upright supports to hold up the top deck of the tank at every installation at no extra charge
  • We have the only in the industry that operates as a holding tank and a bin ("THE BIN EFFECT") by installing three 8" equipment covers at the top of each tank so every can be cleaned thoroughly for guaranteed sanitation and removal of any waste build-up to aid in its odorless operation
  • Optional alarm system installed inside the to eliminate overflows
  • Four 3" openings installed in the top of each tank that are capped securely for removing black or grey water quickly and easily at each service
  • Two aluminum CALLAHEAD signage plate's installed on top of every one with our contact information and the other gallonage of the tank
  • Sign-up plate is placed on the side of your trailer marking each cleaning service that is dated and signed by a CALLAHEAD uniformed service technician


Construction job site office trailers, superintendant office trailers, restroom stations or any mobile trailer or permanent structure that is not connected to a domestic sewer line to dispose waste water from the toilet bowl, sink and/or shower • Eliminates the need for sewer or cesspool hook-ups • can be hooked up to any outdoor portable sink or commercial grade sink, restroom trailers, portable restrooms and portable showers to dispose of black or grey water

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