CALLAHEAD has been in the portable sanitation industry since 1976, providing the cleanest and most advanced equipment in the field. are a high-demand product, which CALLAHEAD offers to ensure healthy and sanitary conditions for the public. We are the definitive experts in our field with countless inventions where no other company in our industry can compare.

Only CALLAHEAD has consistently developed and evolved the industry to supply homelike comfort, hospital-grade cleanliness with stress-free service. It is our commitment never to stop producing so we may provide only the very best in portable sanitation. CALLAHEAD is a New York company only serving the New York area.


A NAVY SHOWER TRAILER offers three private bathrooms with all the comforts and privacy of a home restroom. A stall shower and vanity sink area with hot and cold water easily adjusted to the perfect temperature. A porcelain flush toilet and thermostat heat and air conditioning provide all the comforts of a home bathroom in remote locations.

A NAVY SHOWER TRAILER is a perfect solution for contractors and construction workers to wash off paints, sealants, compounds, solvents, asbestos and other dangerous chemicals. A NAVY SHOWER TRAILER is also the answer to accommodate any sporting event, beach and pool location, country club, home renovation, water shut-off, or emergency site all year round.

THE FRESH POUR Shower Trailer

The FRESH POUR SHOWER TRAILER is a CALLAHEAD brand delivering two private restrooms with everything you would expect inside a home bathroom. Hot and cold water easily adjusted to the perfect temperature for the shower and sink.

The FRESH POUR is the perfect solution for construction sites, decontamination sites, emergency locations, water shut-offs, country clubs, beach clubs, pools, athletic facilities, schools and universities, marathons, movie and film shoots, bridge and tunnel jobs, or any location in need of long-term or short-term showers.

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The two shower rooms have separate entrances with wide floating staircases with stainless handrails. This 30-foot box trailer has a bright white exterior with outdoor lighting that looks great in any location.

The RIVERHEAD Shower Trailer will work well during every New York season. 1500 watt fan-forced toe-kick heaters deliver warmth and comfort while taking a shower, even in New York’s coldest winter months. In addition, a 15,000 BTU air conditioning system will keep users comfortable during the hottest days of summer.

THE FOG HORN Shower Trailer

The FOG HORN Shower Trailer delivers two single and completely private showers with separate handwashing sink in each room. Each shower room has its own separate entrance with a lockable door that triggers an exterior occupancy sign for assured privacy. The privacy inside each provides the same privacy you would feel if showering in your home.

The separate showering area has a shower curtain with a separate drying and dressing area. So your clothing and personal items will stay dry and provide plenty of room for dressing.

Below is a list of locations and job sites where our are commonly rented and recommended. However, these homelike mobile shower trailers are a perfect rental for just about any long-term location where temporary shower facilities are needed.

New Home Construction and House Renovations • Construction Job Sites • Contractor Job sites • Commercial Construction • Sports Fields • Sporting Events • Schools and Universities •Country Clubs • Marathons and Races • Bathroom Remodeling • Emergency Situations • Water Shut-offs • Decontamination Sites • Plumbing Repair and Bathroom Remodeling • Movie and Commercial Set Locations • Marinas, Pools & Beach Locations • Private Houses • Private Clubs • Bridge and Tunnel Construction • Any Long-term, or Short-term Location in need of Portable Shower Facilities

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