CALLAHEAD has been a family-owned New York company in business since 1976. Leader in the portable sanitation field with countless inventions and designs to advance the industry. The is a CALLAHEAD brand to provide the greatest in safety, hygiene, and comfort to our New York customers at the jobsite, hospital or emergency location. Our 4-station decon trailer will accommodate workers and the public with the ability to decontaminate themselves at industrial locations involving hazardous materials, fuels, hazmat, including chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear substances. Medical facilities, fire emergencies, construction sites, and disasters are just a few situations where the is a necessity for the health and safety of first responders, ambulatory, and the public. The comfortable interior includes four individual showers, a washing machine and dryer, twelve lockers, and two bench seating areas all within a climate-controlled trailer. The CALLAHEAD decon trailer is for commercial and private rental.

A decon trailer is a necessity for health and safety in countless circumstances. Decontamination showers can help alleviate and even prevent burns, scarring, serious injury or even death. CALLAHEAD understands now more than ever the importance of having a onsite for the safety of employees, their families and the general population. CALLAHEAD’s decon trailer is in high demand and often OSHA required for construction sites, hospital and medical facilities, fire departments, oil refineries, asbestos projects, military bases, disaster areas, biohazard sites, scientific research areas, hazardous waste sites, sewer and tunnel jobs, factories, or any location where people are exposed to hazardous chemical substances. CALLAHEAD’s can help eliminate or reduce suspicious contamination for workers, first responders, victims, patients and visitors in toxic locations and emergency situations.

Inside the users first enter the dirty room where the decon trailer is equipped with a HEPA certified filter system. The negative air filtration system is a forced air 700 HEPA filtration unit that will remove 99.97% of particles 0.3 micron @ 700 cfm. HEPA filter will take out airborne particles to help keep the air clean and free of any contaminants. The dirty room is equipped with stainless steel bench seating and clothing hooks for workers to comfortably take off contaminated clothing. A washing machine is available inside the dirty room to immediately clean and sanitize soiled clothing.

Next, workers exit from the dirty room into the shower area. There are four shower stalls within the shower room to clean and dispose of any dangerous contaminants that may have come in contact with the skin and wash themselves thoroughly with hot and cold water adjustments.

Finally, workers enter the clean room which includes 12 lockers, a clothes dryer, bench seating, and clothing hooks where users can comfortably dress feeling safe, clean and refreshed. The entire decon trailer includes fluorescent lighting and rubber coined flooring with drains throughout. The heat and air conditioning will ensure year-round comfort inside the trailer.

The has a bright white exterior with outdoor lighting for evening use. Heavy-duty entry and exit stairways have steel steps with a 3-point aluminum handrail. Both doors close automatically, have an internal locking system, and include CALLAHEAD’s signature signage. Each of the doors are clearly marked “Clean” and “Dirty” so there is never any confusion onsite.

The Decontamination Trailer Near A Power Plant

The was built with the highest of safety standards. CALLAHEAD’s decon trailer has a combo wastewater filtration system for both lead and asbestos. The fully automatic filtration has a 50-micron and 5-micron filter canister which waste is filtered through and into an 80-gallon waste water tank. A 3/4” garden hose connection hooks up easily for fresh water supply. A 50-gallon 220V electric water heater will provide hot running water which can be adjust to the perfect water temperature. Rubberized flooring extends throughout the entire decon trailer. A 1500-Watt fan-forced wall heater will keep the temperature comfortable inside during New York’s colder winter months. A 13,000 BTU Dometic overhead air conditioning unit is perfect for the hot summer months.

CALLAHEAD’s will be delivered and placed in the location you select. The is available throughout New York City’s five boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx, as well as all of Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties to Montauk Point. As with all CALLAHEAD’s equipment, the will be delivered to your location by a CALLAHEAD professional delivery specialist. Our uniformed delivery specialist will arrive at the site in one of CALLAHEAD’s signature delivery vehicles and position the decon trailer in your desired location. Pump-out service is also provided daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand to accommodate your location’s need. A professional uniformed service technician will pump out all hazardous waste for the health and safety of all on-site.


For added convenience, we are proud to offer the below list of optional accessory items to your . All CALLAHEAD’s rental accessories were selected to provide comfort, security and the utmost sanitary conditions. CALLAHEAD’s accessory items are unmatched in the portable sanitation industry and include:

  • Antiseptic Dispenser installed inside the filled with our waterless hand sanitizer. Our waterless hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria and meets OSHA and Health Department requirements. The antiseptic dispenser is perfect for sanitary protection for yourself and those you come in contact with. The antiseptic dispenser supplies approximately 900 – 1300 uses. It is 100% maintained and refilled when needed by CALLAHEAD with its rental.
  • GoJo Hand Cleaning Dispenser installed inside the and filled with the #1 heavy-duty GoJo hand cleaner. GoJo hand cleaner is popular among auto mechanics for its ability to easily break down grease and grime. GoJo Hand Cleaner has become popular with construction workers and contractors to remove acids, cement and other solvents from hands. 100% maintained and refilled when needed by CALLAHEAD with its rental.
  • Paper Towel Dispenser installed inside the rental and filled with 250 sheets of double fold paper towels. The Paper Towel Dispenser is most commonly rented with the Antiseptic Dispenser or Go Jo Hand Cleaner to clean off any dirt or solvents that are otherwise hard to remove. Paper Towel Dispenser is maintained and refilled 100% by CALLAHEAD with its rental.
  • Headmist Time Released Air Freshener installed inside the that will release a fresh clean scent automatically. The Headmist is refilled when needed and 100% maintained by CALLAHEAD with its rental.


The following are the detailed design specifications for the rental. If you have any additional questions regarding the decon trailers design specifications, please contact us at 1-800-634-2085 to speak with a CALLAHEAD sales specialist:

Bright white exterior with outdoor lighting • Exterior dimensions – Box length – 24’ x Box width – 8’ Height – 12’ • Overall length with tongue – 32’ • Two heavy duty floating stairs with 3-point aluminum handrails • Self closing doors with internal locking system • Four hot and cold water shower stalls with privacy curtain • Water source - ¾” garden hose hook-up • Twelve lockers – clean side • Two aluminum bench seats – 6’ x 9” each • Rubberized coin flooring with drainage • Heating – 1500 fan forced wall heater 110-Volt • Air conditioning – 13,000 BTU Dometic overhead unit • Full size washing machine – dirty side • 220 Volt full size clothes dryer -clean side • Lighting – Three double bulb 4’ fluorescent waterproof lights • Coat and hat hooks on clean and dirty side • Negative air filtration system forced air 700 HEPA filtration unit • Three stages of air filtration with HEPA filter removing 99.97% of particles 0.3 micron @ 700 cfm • Combo waste water filtration system for lead/asbestos • Asbestos fully automatic filtration 50 micron and 5 micron • Waste water is filtered through 80 gallon waste water tank filtration system • Lead filtration system waste water filters and runs through media bobbles inside the trailer and into the waste water holding tank • CALLAHEAD New York custom signage on the exterior emulating the best in decon trailers

Dockside Restroom Trailer Floor Plan


Below is a list of locations and job sites where the is commonly rented and recommended.

Construction Jobs • Fire Disasters • Tunnel, Bridge, and Sewer Construction • Bioengineering • Hazmat Sites • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Locations • Pop-Up Hospitals • Testing or Vaccination Sites • Medical Buildings and Hospitals • Natural Disaster Areas • Chemical Plants • When Infectious and Toxic Chemicals are Present • Scientific Research Facilities • Asbestos Sites • Disaster and Emergency Sites • Industrial or Agricultural Settings • Military Sites • Laboratories • Factories • Oil Refineries • NYPD • FDNY • Fire Rescues • Medical Emergencies • Any Location in Need of Decon Shower Facilities and Hazardous and Corrosive Chemicals are Present

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