The Mac Sink System by CALLAHEAD

Mac Sink System front view
Schematic diagram of inner workings of sink system
Mac Sink System front view
The mac sink system on second floor construction
Mac Sink System front view
Also may be used with utility sink/laundry tub.

The revolutionary is an invention by Charles W. Howard, President and CEO of CALLAHEAD. The is a life-changing innovation providing non-potable hot and cold sink water to locations where there is no running water, sewer, or cesspool to collect grey water. The key to this invention, the does not require any gravity to operate. A perfect solution for container office trailers or when you have no crawl space available at the construction site. With the , job sites inside high rise office buildings or below ground level can have a sink system operating as if it was connected to a domestic sewer line while remaining completely portable to move as the job site requires. The is also the ideal rental when your jobsite needs running sink water but requires the grey water waste tank set-up at another location. This could be due to limited space available or limited or no truck access at the job site. The solves this and other common problems to deliver clean non-potable water.

Hand washing is essential in every situation for a healthy environment and must be available by every business. The supplies fresh, clean water to otherwise hard to reach locations. Washing your hands frequently can save lives by eliminating the spread of deadly germ causing viruses, bacteria, illnesses, and common infections such as the flu, COVID-19, SARS, H1N1, E. Coli, respiratory infections, dermatitis, skin irritations, etc. Washing hands frequently is a priority for every person to live in a healthy environment.

CALLAHEAD’s provides fresh non-potable sink water to construction sites and commercial and residential locations such as container office trailers, high rise building construction, home basements, parks, jobsite office trailers, bridges and tunnels, garages, sheds, and so much more. The is unmatched at delivering a homelike sink with a portable water and sewer system too hard to reach locations with the ability to transport to any area on the job site. CALLAHEAD is New York’s largest portable sanitation company commanding 65-75% of the market. We have obtained such a large majority due to countless inventions, like the MAC SINK SYSTEM along with our hospital-grade sanitary service to New York since 1976.

CALLAHEAD’s is yet another CALLAHEAD invention unavailable anywhere else. The delivers a homelike sink by quickly transporting grey water up, down, across, and around without the need for gravity, thanks to a macerator tank. The macerator tank automatically propels the water to wherever the grey water tank may be located, even when at a higher location. CALLAHEAD’s offers real solutions to ensure safe and sanitary conditions at sites that have no water source available. The is a first for the portable sanitation industry and a CALLAHEAD exclusive.

The ’s macerator tank is located directly beneath the sink to automatically and quickly move grey water through to where the waste tank is professionally set-up outside. The grey water waste tank could be installed above, below, or across from the sink or even yards away. The is the answer to provide fresh non-potable sink water to just about any remote area. CALLAHEAD’s easily carries grey water up to reach the waste tank when placed at a higher level. Unlike any other systems in the field, the allows you to move grey water vertically up to 15-feet or horizontally up to 150-feet. The job recommendations include container office trailers without a crawl space, when limited space is available for truck access or waste tanks, basements and tunnels below grade or beneath sewer lines, commercial space where the grey water must move through multiple floors inside buildings, when grey water must be macerated to move through smaller plumbing pipes and hoses, or when you need to conserve water usage.

Mac Sink System Logo

The was created and manufactured by CALLAHEAD. It is the only system available where you can have the sink and grey water waste tank located at entirely different locations on the job site and does not require gravity to operate. Container officer trailers could now have an operating sink and faucet in just about any remote area. Locations include construction sites, parks, marinas, bridges and tunnels, wooded areas, beaches, industrial plants, and countless more. Charles W. Howard invented the for CALLAHEAD to solve the problem of moving grey sink water to a waste tank which before the was invented was impossible. With the the sink and waste tank can be totally remote from each other and operate as if the grey water waste tank was located directly beneath the sink drain. Our groundbreaking system allows the grey water waste tank to be well above the sink, on a higher floor, up to 150-feet away and placed vertically or horizontally away from the sink.

The CALLAHEAD includes a 35-gallon freshwater storage tank to supply water to the sink. Prior to this system, these hard to reach locations would have access to only 5-gallon water jugs. CALLAHEAD caps the freshwater at 35-gallons for safety contamination reasons. Otherwise, anything above this would cause the freshwater to ferment with mold and mildew contaminating the water. A 35-gallon freshwater supply is safe enough to help prevent water contamination. The ¼” thick freshwater tank is constructed of durable polyethylene plastic. The polyethylene color is semi-clear, so users can see the waterline to know when refills are necessary.

The fresh water tank has a 4-inch cap on top for easy refills and sterilizing by a CALLAHEAD professional service technician at every service. A PVC pick-up line extends to the bottom of the tank, and a flow switch is connected to the water pick-up line to turn off automatically to prevent the pump from overheating or burning out. The other end of the pick-up line comes out of a thru-hull fitting and is located at the top of the tank to secure it in place. From this point, a stainless steel mesh strainer is connected to the pick-up line to stop particles and debris from getting into the faucet. At the other end of the pick-up line, we have another in-line stainless steel mesh strainer. CALLAHEAD’s includes TWO stainless steel mesh strainers with one at the freshwater tank and the other connected to the pump to provide a double filter system for clear, clean, fresh non-potable water. The 115-Volt on-demand automatic water pump turns on automatically when you turn on the faucet. CALLAHEAD’s pumps water at 3.6 gallons per minute with 40 pounds of water pressure. Users will think CALLAHEAD’s is connected to a water main with this kind of water pressure.

When a sink’s fresh water tank runs out of water, an on-demand pump can keep pulling air thru, acting like a vacuum air pump. CALLAHEAD’s water flow switch eliminates the on-demand pump from not shutting off, burning out and breaking down the system. With CALLAHEAD’s , you will never have to worry about this happening. The includes a flow switch directly inside the fresh water tank, which automatically turns the on-demand pump off when the tank runs out of water to help eliminate the from breaking down.

The is equipped with a Bosch hot water heater from Germany. CALLAHEAD thoroughly tested dozens of hot water heaters to ensure we only provided the best for this system. After many tests, we found the Bosch to be the most reliable and top hot water heater available in today’s market. It is a 2.5-gallon hot water heater and provides continuous hot water. At CALLAHEAD, we always use the best products available. The Bosch hot water heater is a perfect example of this. For the Bosch hot water heater to operate with the , a 20 amp breaker is necessary. Without the hot water heater, the requires a 15 amp breaker.

The ’s 50-gallon grey water holding tank is black and a durable ¼ inch thick polyethylene material. The grey water waste tank is set up outside at a location you select. The grey water tank can be professionally installed, even yards away from the office or container trailer. Our 50-gallon grey water holding tank can be placed above, below or across without any need for gravity. CALLAHEAD designed our grey water holding tanks with two 3-inch threaded female flange connections with caps. There are also three 10-inch black equipment covers to allow for installing equipment inside the grey water holding tanks. Equipment inside the grey water tanks includes heaters, pumps, water shut-off valves, high water alarms, etc. These equipment covers create the bin effect, opening all the covers to scrub and clean out the grey water. The equipment covers and caps provide easy access for service technicians to supply our hospital-grade sanitary cleaning inside the grey water holding tank at each service. All tanks are equipped with gallonage signs with CALLAHEAD contact information for convenience. All caps and covers on the grey water holding tank include plastic-coated cables connected to the tank so they will never get lost.

CALLAHEAD’s was designed and perfected by CALLAHEAD to eliminate grey water overflows and winter freeze-ups. Inside our grey water tank is an electric 110-volt heater. When the temperature outside drops below 40-degrees, the waste tank heater automatically turns on to prevent freezing. When serviced, a CALLAHEAD waste tank truck will pump all the grey water from the waste tank and sanitize the inside with cleaners and disinfectants. In most situations, the grey water waste tank of is located outside in the ever changing weather and elements. In order to stop freeze-ups in the tank, we install a submersible 1500 Watt water tank heater. The water heater will keep the grey waste water from freezing so a CALLAHEAD professional service technician can pump and remove the grey waste water regularly. Our water heater simply lies at the bottom of the waste tank and plugs into a standard 110-volt outlet. Conveniently, the water tank heater will turn on automatically whenever the water temperature drops below 40-degrees. Once the temperature is above 40-degree, the heater will shut-off automatically. The is the answer to keep your grey water waste tank from freezing.

The by CALLAHEAD operates perfectly with a vanity sink, pedestal sink, slop sink or kitchen sink. The provides a chrome French handle faucet for a typical office trailer hook-up or container office trailer. In both cases, CALLAHEAD finds the chrome French handle style faucet is the best choice for bathroom use inside office trailers. Suppose the office trailer or containment trailer does not include a sink. In that case, our professional service technician will go to a local supplier and provide a beautiful wood vanity style sink with a countertop or porcelain pedestal sink.

Every single detail of the has been perfected. The trap and discharge pipe is another component of CALLAHEAD’s . The trap heads up to the porcelain sink, then hooks up directly to the macerator pump. The trap stops the air from coming back up the sink drain. When the grey waste water rises in the macerator tank, it automatically turns on and pumps the grey water to the waste tank thru a 1 ½ inch waste hose. The waste hose is a much better option to use as a waste line because it can be maneuvered very easily. The waste line can bend and change direction with ease. This makes it much easier to hook up to the grey water waste tank.

The ’s macerator pump pumps the water thru the waste hose where the water can be pumped up, down, over, or around. Wherever you want to send the grey water you simply have a CALLAHEAD service technician set up the grey water waste tank at the location you select. Our professional technician will run the waste hose directly to the grey water waste tank. The ’s pump can pump the grey water 15-feet straight-up vertically and 150-feet horizontally. For all of our plumbing lines, we use Pex Tubing with brass fittings. Not only is it the most secure system against leaks and breakdowns, but we also feel it is the best possible look for exposed plumbing lines.

CALLAHEAD’s uses non-potable water. CALLAHEAD believes all tank water must be considered non-potable, non-drinkable water and must never be consumed. The only water to be consumed in New York should be bottled spring water, filtered water from upstate New York water sheds, or filtered well water. No one should EVER drink tank water on a boat, plane, motor home, or inside a New York construction office trailer with any portable sink system. CALLAHEAD is providing three separate non-consuming water signs with every installation of the MAC SINK SYSTEM. These signs are designed to ensure all users understand the ’s water should NOT be used for human consumption. Non-potable water means water can NEVER be used to drink, cook with, or even make coffee. Please ensure everyone at the construction site understands this critical issue for their safety.

All used water from sinks, showers, washing machines, etc. is called grey water. All water flushed from toilet bowls is called black water. Black water and grey water must always be set up as two completely separate systems. When using a bathroom with a containment toilet and sink system used on boats, yachts, motor homes, airplanes, etc. it is essential to remember the toilet system and sink system must have their own entirely separate systems. The sink system must also have its own dedicated fresh water tank, waste water tank, and pumps. This is extremely important to have these systems independent and separate at all times to prevent contamination to the sink from the waste from the toilet system. CALLAHEAD always installs our sink and toilet systems completely separate from each other for zero chance of contamination.

CALLAHEAD’s is the ideal solution to help maintain a healthy overall living and workplace environment to eliminate the spread of germ causing illnesses. In fact, keeping hands clean is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of illness and infections. Infectious diseases commonly spread through hand-to-hand contact, including the flu, Coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, pneumonia, diarrhea, the common cold, and many other illnesses. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has concluded, “Handwashing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection.” Our hands are the most likely part of the body to come into contact with harmful substances. Failure to take basic handwashing precautions can lead to life-threatening illnesses and skin complaints such as dermatitis and eczema.

The delivers clean, fresh water to job sites and locations with no water source available. Inadequate hand hygiene also contributes to food-related illnesses, such as salmonella and E. coli infection. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 76 million Americans contract a food-borne illness each year. “Handwashing” is a critical element in proper hygiene as germs can stay alive on hands for up to 3 hours. When there is no water source available at the construction site office trailer, containment trailer, or other remote location, the delivers the perfect solution to help eliminate unsanitary conditions.

The CALLAHEAD carved aluminum plaque is mounted on the wall above every we install. We believe the CALLAHEAD plaque is a work of art. It also provides easy access to our contact information. The CALLAHEAD plaque mounted above the sink represents your company is providing the very best portable sanitation equipment available in the industry. We have been in the industry inventing new products and services since 1976, which has made CALLAHEAD the most trusted and reliable company in the field.

CALLAHEAD delivers our freshwater to the in one of CALLAHEAD’s signature freshwater ONLY box trucks. Refill service can be scheduled automatically daily, weekly, or monthly. We also can provide freshwater delivery service on-call, whichever you prefer. CALLAHEAD’s freshwater delivery trucks have only been used to transport fresh non-potable water and have NEVER been used or contaminated with grey or black water. CALLAHEAD’s signature waste tank trucks have also only been used to transport waste and NEVER used for freshwater delivery. This ensures you will never have to worry about freshwater contamination when renting the from CALLAHEAD.

CALLAHEAD’s services areas include all of New York City’s five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester County, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island to Montauk Point. A CALLAHEAD trained uniformed technician will arrive at your location to install CALLAHEAD’s in the location you select. Our technicians install and service these systems daily and are experts in the field. First, our technician will remove your old system if there is one already in place and replace it with CALLAHEAD’s revolutionary . If there is no sink at your location our technician will provide a home-style wood vanity with a porcelain sink basin and chrome faucet. The will include a vanity sink, chrome faucet, hot water heater, macerator pump, fresh water and grey water holding tanks, and a pump that provides an impressive 40 pounds of water pressure. Our service technician will also install a CALLAHEAD sign-in chart with every system. The will be hooked up and fully operational in 2-4 hours.

At CALLAHEAD, we are always striving for the next innovation or brand new invention. We still feel this mindset gives us the absolute edge over our competitors and always will. If your company is changing the world and creating jobs, you are operating at the highest level. This excitement felt throughout the company gives CALLAHEAD, and all of our employees a sense of purpose. As penned by Charles W. Howard, “Invention comes from the past, not the future.”

"Products Push Out, Services Spring Back." Charles W. Howard, President and CEO

Another CALLAHEAD quote by our President and CEO, Charles W. Howard, states, “Products Push Out, Services Spring Back.” This quote means you can create a product and send it all over the world in brand new, pristine, perfect condition; however, the same cannot be said for services. This is why our theory is to develop our company in the world’s greatest city and continue being the greatest portable sanitation company in the world.

CALLAHEAD is a New York Corporation born and raised in New York City. We are a New York company, through and through, started by New Yorkers. CALLAHEAD is the greatest portable sanitation company the world over, and we are dedicated to serving ONLY New York as we have done for nearly five decades.


8 ¾” x 9”W x 10 ¼”D • Discharge Pipe Diameter - 1 ½” • Discharge Rate at Max Height – 18-Gallons Per Minute • 0.3 Hp • Maximum Temperature – 140 Degrees Fahrenheit • Normal Run Time – 3 to 5 Seconds • Motor Speed – 3600 RPM • Electrical – 120-Volts 60 Hz 4.5 amps • Power Cord Length – 4.8” • Water Discharge – 24-Gallons Per minute at 3’ • Floor Mounted • Method of Automation Pressure Switch/Circuit Board • Weight – 13 Lbs. • Pump Type – Drain Pump


35-Gallon Suitcase Style Semi-Clear Fresh Water Tank • Horizontal Dimensions – 12”D x 20”H x 30”W • Vertical Dimensions – 12”D x 30”H x 20”W • Nylon Cup Strainer with Double 80/20 Stainless Steel Mesh Screen


Bosch Hot Water Heater • 2.5 Gallons • 17.5” x 17.5” x 14.5”D • 2.7 Gallon Capacity • 1440 Watts and 12 amps at 110-Volt • Temperature Range 65-degrees to 145-degrees Fahrenheit


On-Demand Supply Pump Supplies Water On-Demand When Needed • 115-Volts • 1.5 amps • Has an Automatic Shut-Off Switch at 40 P.S.I. • 40 Mesh Stainless Steel Inlet Strainer


Vanity Sink in Multiple Sizes Depending on Location • 18”, 24”, 30” and 36” Vanity Sinks • Also Available in Slop Sink Hooked to 1 ½” Trap and Down to Mac Pump for Fast Draining • Slop Sink 24”W x 24”D x 33”H • French Style Faucet with Chrome Porcelain Handles Matching Pop-Up Drain • Flow Rate 1.2 Gallons Per Minute


65-Gallon Waster Water Tank - 23”W x 42”H • 100-Gallon Waste Water Tank - 28”W x 43”H • 135 Gallon Waste Water Tank - 28”W x 59”H


50-Gallon Waste Water Tank - 4’ x 2’ x 12”H • 75-Gallon Waste Water Tank - 45” x 22” x 17”H • 115-Gallon Waste Water Tank – 4’ x 3’ x 17”H

Mac Sink System Logo


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) affirms, “Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.”

Follow these five steps every time you wash:

1. Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), turn off the tap, and apply soap. 2. Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap. Lather the backs of your hands, between your fingers, and under your nails. 3. Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. 4. Rinse your hands well under clean, running water. 5. Dry your hands using a clean towel or air dry them.

TRADITIONAL OFFICE TRAILER: The is the perfect solution for a traditional office trailer with a bathroom, and the grey water holding tank cannot be located under the sink area of the trailer due to space restrictions. With the macerator sink systems, the grey water waste tank can be placed anywhere you want. The grey water waste tank can be placed at any location you choose. The waste tank can be placed at any location outside of the trailer, above the trailer on a platform or loading dock, or yards away from the trailer. The MAC SINK SYSTEM eliminates the need for gravity to move the water to the holding tank.

CONTAINER OFFICE TRAILERS: The ’s primary purpose is to allow the grey waste water from the sink system to move horizontally or up vertically without the need for gravity to create the flow. The most popular use for the is for a sink system needed in a container office trailer. The container office trailer is essentially a shipping container transformed into office space. Like most shipping containers, the container office trailer sits directly on the ground with absolutely no crawl space underneath. In this case, the is needed more than ever. When the sink is turned on the grey water goes directly down the sink drain into the MAC’s macerator pump. When the waste level rises, the MAC’s pump turns on and pumps the grey waste water to the grey water waste tank. In this case, the waste tank cannot be placed underneath the container trailer due to the fact the container trailer is placed directly on the ground. In this case, the waste tank is placed outside of the trailer on one of the four sides. The 1½ inch waste hose would hook up the macerator pump the then go to the waste tank and hook-up to it at the 3-inch fitting located at the corner of the tank. When the macerator pump turns on it pumps the sink waste from the sink directly into the sink waste tank. This is undoubtedly the best sink system for container office trailers.

HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS: The is also the best example of a sink system that resolves the problem of an available operating sink located in a high-rise building on any floor needed. You simply place the sink vanity on any floor up against the wall. Install the fresh water tank next to the sink. Hook up the water plumbing line from the water pump to the faucet. Install the sink drain from the sink trap to the macerator pump which is placed under the sink. The 1½ inch water discharge hose hooks up to the discharge port on the macerator pump. From that point, the discharge the discharge hose is run down to the grey water waste tank which is typically located on the ground located at the bottom of the building. The discharge hose is brought down to the waste tank down the outside of the building. The hose can also be run down a staircase to the waste tank, down the elevator shafts, and also through holes in the floor. Whatever it takes to get the waste hose from the to the grey water tank located on the ground level. Another perfect solution for fresh running non-potable sink water in high-rise building construction job sites.

BASEMENTS/CELLARS/TUNNELS: Whether a commercial building or private home, the MAC SINK SYSTEM is perfect for underground jobs and basement sinks. The can be installed below ground and operate perfectly to supply fresh non-potable water. Some examples of this application include basements, cellars, tunnels, and more. With these kinds of installations, the macerator pump pumps the water vertically to a higher level where the grey water waste tank is located. This is an excellent example of the MAC SINK SYSTEM ’s operating with its intended purpose of moving waste water vertically to a higher location.

REMOTE LOCATIONS: The is ideal for bridges, marinas, parks, fields, docks, and any remote area. Whether the job is in a remote location where there is no running water available or locations with limited or no truck access, the MAC SYSTEM will deliver. CALLAHEAD service technician will set-up the MAC’s sink and fresh water tank to deliver 35-gallons of non-potable water where you need it. The waste water tank can then be set-up at another location up to 150-feet horizontally away. Unlike any other system in the field, the MAC SINK SYSTEM by CALLAHEAD was designed to provide fresh non-potable sink water too hard to reach locations with an astonishing 40-pounds of water pressure, which is unheard of. All while remaining completely portable to move to another location if and when necessary.

GARAGES/SHEDS: When you need a running sink in your garage or shed and have no running water, the MAC SINK SYSTEM is the answer. Perfect for home construction or contracting jobs to limit the use of your house sink. Also perfect for landscaping and masonry jobs too. Our professional technician will set up the MAC SINK SYSTEM with a sink, chrome French-style faucet, pumps, heaters, fresh water, and waste water holding tanks with an amazing 40-pounds of water pressure. Users will believe the sink is connected to a domestic sewer line. CALLAHEAD will also deliver our fresh non-potable water in our CALLAHEAD fresh water only delivery truck. When you require service, our professional service technician will pump out, sterilize and clean the grey water holding tank using a CALLAHEAD waste only pump truck. You will rest assured of never having any water contamination with CALLAHEAD’s designed for your safety and sanitation.

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