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Created nearly twenty years ago by Call-A-Head, the SINK SYSTEM has been copied by virtually every portable toilet company in America. The only standing difference, aside from Call-A-Head being the inventor of the sink system, is that Call-A-Head uses fresh water when servicing sink systems, as opposed to water delivered from the tank of a toilet truck. This is far less sanitary and should be completely unacceptable to all involved.

Call-A-Head has relied on bottled water companies to supply their customers with water jugs. However, due to cost complaints, Call-A-Head is now offering their own fresh water bottles to customers at absolutely NO CHARGE. (Bottled water must be used with Call-A-Head systems only.) The Call-A-Head sink system has been improved, is very affordable, and remains the best sink system available today. It is the belief of Call-A-Head that every trailer in America would be better served by having running water in its bathrooms - regardless of availability. Contact Call-A-Head today and let us solve all your fresh water needs. Call-A-Head is "Service People Trust".