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When organizing a special event, you want to make a good impression, and the restroom facilities you provide are a vital part of any social gatherings success. CALLAHEAD has been in the portable toilet industry since 1976 consistently designing innovative products to ensure our customers have only the very best restrooms for their guests. No matter if you require one or hundreds of portable toilets, we have the experience and commitment to deliver the highest quality service to every customer. We have the largest selection of one-of-a-kind portable toilets with many exclusive designs by CALLAHEAD’S President and CEO, Charles W. Howard. CALLAHEAD is the only company that brings art to the portable toilet industry.

CALLAHEAD’S portable toilets will deliver clean and comfortable restrooms facilities that look great too. We have standard porta potties to VIP and luxury portable restrooms with flushing toilets, handwashing sinks, Headmist automatic air fresheners, Headliner toilet seat covers, and floral arrangements. CALLAHEAD has the perfect portable restroom option for any formal or informal gathering whether a wedding, backyard party, fundraiser or corporate event. CALLAHEAD also has portable toilets guests will love, and you will feel even better about renting, such as our Pink Ribbon Restroom and Beachhead Restroom. When you rent either of these VIP portable toilets, you get a stylish porta potty with all the amenities included. Plus, CALLAHEAD will donate 20% of all proceeds to Breast Cancer (Pink Ribbon) and our United State Military Veterans and Troops (Beachhead).

Other VIP portable toilets include our Garden Head designed with a beautiful rose garden exterior or our Fountain Head that will compliment any yard or garden setting. Another VIP portable toilet rental is our Ceremony Toilet. The bright white coloring of the Ceremony looks crisp, clean, and great in any formal venue. We also offer our CALLAHEAD luxury portable toilet selection which includes the Tele-Toilette, La Femme Toilette, Air Head 16, Ships Head 16 and ToileTree 16. All of these stunning portable restrooms have an aviation style vacuum flush toilet, stainless sink basin, and every VIP amenity included.

CALLAHEAD has not forgotten younger guests, and we are delighted to offer our child-sized porta potty called The Purple Potty. The Purple Potty includes all the VIP amenities to give children an appealing and comfortable restroom option. The fact is, no matter which portable toilet you select for short-term rental, you are guaranteed to be providing guests with the cleanest portable toilets in the industry. CALLAHEAD cleans all of our equipment with only hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants.

CALLAHEAD is New York’s largest and most trusted portable toilet company in business since 1976. With decades of innovations and dedication to service, only CALLAHEAD can ensure your special event portable toilets are the very best for your guests.


SHORT-TERM / SPECIAL EVENTS Luxury Restroom Trailers

Other SPECIAL EVENT PORTABLE TOILETS, PORTA POTTY & SHORT TERM Portable Restroom Products include: Luxury Restroom Trailers Special Event Portable Sinks Sink Systems Towelette Stands Antiseptic Stands Short Term Rentals as well as Long Term Rentals Available. CALL TODAY TO RESERVE YOURS! - 1.800.634.2085