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The Garden Head Toilette Portable Toilet

The is another CALLAHEAD designed one-of-a-kind porta potty rental for your special event. Our GARDEN HEAD is a portable restroom that will add to the décor of your party or special event. You will have the look of a beautiful garden of red roses on a trellis with vibrant green hedges that will definitely make a lasting impression to your guests. This is a VIP port a potty that operates as a full service portable bathroom that will astonish your family and friends.

Once you have a CALLAHEAD designed portable toilet rented for your party you will never rent a regular porta potty again. The is a great rental for every special event including, house parties, backyard barbeques, outdoor wedding receptions and ceremonies, baptisms, bat mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs, graduation parties, bridal and baby showers, bachelorette parties and any birthday party in need of portable toilets.

The CALLAHEAD rental comes with all the bells and whistles required for a pleasant trip to the restroom too. It has a full flushing toilet with a hand operated flushing handle that is easy to use. A closed cavity tank will keep waste out of sight and eliminate foul odors inside the portapotty for your guests. A separate non splash urinal inside the portable toilet will keep the portable restroom more sanitary and be very appreciated by the women at your event.

The 's full service sink has a foot operated pump for hands free operation for greater sanitary hand washing. CALLAHEAD's soap dispenser is installed above the sink filled with our antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Standard with the rental is CALLAHEAD's HEADLINER toilet seat covers so every guest is ensured of a clean dry sanitary seat when using the porta potty. Another extra installed is our HEADMIST automatic air freshener dispenser that will release a continuous clean fresh scent so that every user has a pleasant trip to the portable restroom. An additional accessory to add to the beauty of this portable toilet is our floral arrangement mounted inside the port a pottie at no extra charge to you. Dual roll cover toilet paper dispenser, coat and hat hook, convenience shelf and lockable door with occupancy sign to ensure privacy make this a premium special event port a potty rental. This porta potty's interior is completely ventilated with floor and ceiling vents for excellent air circulation.

The 's white translucent roof adds bright natural light during the day. A solar powered light brings excellent lighting inside the porta potty for evening and nighttime use so no electrical hook ups are required.

Throughout New York's five boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island and Westchester County in New York express high demand for CALLAHEAD's VIP and designer portable toilets. Our one-of-a-kind designed porta potty's are the most sought after special event portable toilet rentals in New York. CALLAHEAD is the only company to provide these beautiful artistic porta potties that will be the talk of your special event. The best of all, they are the most sanitary and best quality port a potties rentals available anywhere.

The is available for same day delivery throughout Nassau and Suffolk County, New York City's 5 boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island as well as all of Westchester County. Don't compromise on clean and sanitary restroom facilities for your family and friends. Provide them with the best in the portable sanitation equipment in the country, CALLAHEAD to help make your event a great memory.

Special Events Portable Toilet


The following is the detailed design specifications for the premium portable restroom rental.

  • Material - Polyethylene
  • Portable toilets exterior color - Green porta potty with beautiful art decal of a garden of red roses
  • Translucent roof for added natural light
  • Portable toilets exterior height - 90"
  • Weight - 245 lbs.
  • Urinal lip height - 23"
  • Port a potty's exterior width - 44"
  • Overall depth of portable restroom- 48"
  • Door opening - 76" Height x 24.5" Width
  • Toilet seat height - 20.5"
  • Holding tank total volume - 70 gallons
  • Handwashing sinks holding tank - 9.7 gallons
  • Average number of uses - 125

If you have any additional questions regarding this portable toilets design specifications please contact us at 1-800-634-2085 to speak with a CALLAHEAD portable toilet specialist.


The following is a detailed list of the design features and accessories that come standard inside the VIP portable restroom rental. This premium porta potty has all the necessary features and accessories of an indoor restroom but the convenience of an outdoor and self contained portable toilet:

Toilet's flush system is a hand operated lever • Fresh water flushing toilet • Portable restrooms hand washing sink has hand to elbow washing capability • Hand washing sink has a foot operated pump for hands free operation • Dual roll covered toilet paper dispenser • Elongated comfortable toilet seat • Translucent roof for bright natural light • Solar powered interior light located inside the high end porta potty for night and evening use even when there is no electric hook up available • Mirror located inside portable toilet • Convenience shelf inside portable restroom • Lockable door inside the port a potty to guarantee privacy • Occupancy sign located on the outside of the portable restrooms door • Portable toilet has ceiling and floor vents for excellent ventilation to eliminate odors • Coat and hat hook located in the interior of the high end port a potty • "CALLAHEAD" signature signage on the exterior walls emulates to your guests the highest quality of your portable toilet rental


  • Filled hand towel dispenser
  • Battery operated interior light located inside the high-end porta potty for night and evening use even when there is no electric hook up available
  • Coat and hat hook located in the interior of the
  • Antibacterial Soap Dispenser is installed inside the luxurious port a potty filled with CALLAHEAD's antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Our antibacterial soap meets OSHA and Health Department requirements for great hygienic protection
  • Headliner Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser is installed inside the upscale portable restroom filled with 250 toilet seat covers so every user may have a clean, dry and sanitary toilet seat
  • Headmist Time Released Air Freshener is installed inside this luxurious porta potty that will release a clean fresh scent automatically
  • Flowers/Floral Arrangement are delivered with the premium portable restroom


The following is a list of special events where the porta pottie is most commonly rented. However, this portable toilet is an ideal rental for just about any outdoor special event, indoor special events with limited restroom facilities or public locations where portable restroom facilities are needed.

Weddings, Bridal & Baby Showers • Bar Mitzvah's & Bat Mitzvah's • Communion and Christening Parties • Graduation Parties • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties • School Events & Ceremonies • Special Outdoor Ceremonies • Fundraisers, Benefits and Charity Events • Backyard, House Parties & Barbeques • Holiday Parties • Family Reunions • Birthday Parties • Remote Locations • Sporting Events • Park and Community Events • Parades, Carnivals & Bazaars • Bathroom Remodeling • Block Parties • Movie, Television and Photo Shoot Locations • Any Outdoor Event • Indoor Events with Limited Restroom Facilities Available • Beach Locations • Marinas • Restaurants, Bars and Pubs in need of additional restroom facilities • Corporate Functions and Events • Any location in need of a full service mobile portable restroom


CALLAHEAD's additional rental options for all of our portable restrooms were selected to provide your guests the same comforts as if they were using an indoor restroom of a great catering hall.

CALLAHEAD portable restroom rentals and additional accessory rental options are unmatched in the portable sanitation industry:

  • Professional Uniformed Portable Restroom Attendant is available to maintain cleanliness of your portable toilet rental during your special event so you don’t have to. Our trained professional portable restroom attendant will clean your porta potty rental after each user to ensure every guest is guaranteed a clean visit to the .

Uniformed restroom attendants are recommended:

  • When renting a large number of porta potties;
  • when renting portable restroom trailers;
  • if you have a large number of guests and rent a small number of portable toilets;
  • if your special event is corporate, dressy, formal and blacktie social gatherings;
  • when alcohol is being consumed at your special event.

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