The CEREMONY TOILETTE Porta Potty Rental For Special Events

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For added convenience, we are pleased to offer as an additional rental option our Professional Uniformed Restroom Attendant with your CEREMONY TOILET portable toilet rental.

CALLAHEAD's additional rental options for all of our portable restrooms and portable restroom trailer rentals were selected to provide your guests the same comforts as if they were using an indoor restroom of a great catering hall. CALLAHEAD portable restroom rentals and additional accessory rental options are unmatched in the portable toilet industry.

Professional Uniformed Portable Restroom Attendants are available to maintain cleanliness of this luxury portable toilet rental during your special event so you don't have to. Our trained professional portable restroom attendant will clean your porta potty rental/s after each user to ensure every guest is guaranteed a clean visit to the CEREMONY TOILET portable restroom.

Uniformed restroom attendants are recommended: When renting a large number of porta potties; renting portable restroom trailers; if you have a large number of guests and a small number of portable toilets; if your special event is either dressy, formal or black tie attire such as a wedding.

The CEREMONY TOILET is a CALLAHEAD special event portable toilet rental that emulates elegance for any social gathering. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, bridal showers, christening parties, graduation parties, corporate events, black-tie events or any upscale formal affair, are just some of the special events when invited guests anticipate sophistication and style.

Our CEREMONY TOILET premium portable restroom rental will be sure to exceed their expectations as well as yours. The exterior of the portable toilet will definitely be pleasant to look at with its clean white color and silver "CALLAHEAD New York" signage, adding an elite style to your special event.

This port a potty rental has all the accessories of an indoor public restroom, yet it is completely mobile and self-contained, requiring no outside water source. The CEREMONY TOILET has a full service bathroom that will have special event guests forgetting that they are using an outdoor porta potty. An inclusive hand washing sink has a foot operated pump for hands free washing.

The porta potty's flush toilet also works on a foot operated pump for hands free flushing, providing the greatest sanitary protection. The CEREMONY TOILET has premium accessories that are delivered standard with its rental. This elegant portable restroom rental includes our Headmist time released air freshener, Headliner dispenser filled with our toilet seat covers, soap dispenser filled with our antibacterial soap, filled paper towel dispenser and a beautiful floral arrangement. These high end accessories will provide your special event guests with VIP treatment in temporary portable toilets.

The spacious interior of the porta potty has a lockable door and occupancy sign for security that special event guests will have complete privacy when using this portable restroom. Also included inside this VIP portable toilet is an interior mirror, dual roll covered toilet paper dispenser, two convenience shelves and a coat and hat hook. Its translucent roof provides natural light for day and an interior solar powered light for evening use of the portable restroom. A built in ventilation system with 6 vents will circulate the air to eliminate any odor causing issues within this premium porta potty.

The CEREMONY TOILET is the cleanest VIP porta potty rental that will make even the most skeptical user of portable toilets comfortable. Catered events and formal affairs require the cleanest and best portable toilets available in New York, and is only what CALLAHEAD portable toilets provide.

We have the most variety of high end portable restrooms to standard porta potties anywhere in New York. We have portable restrooms that will accommodate any special event whether your party is casual, business casual, corporate, dressy, formal, black-tie or elegant. We also have porta potty rentals for every special event budget.

CALLAHEAD portable toilet rentals are available for quick delivery the same day you order throughout all of Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, Bronx and Manhattan Counties in New York City. For your special event, expect no less than CALLAHEAD's nearly 4 decades of experience giving the best service, highest quality and like new porta potties available anywhere.


The following is a detailed list of the design features and accessories that come standard inside the CEREMONY TOILET VIP portable restroom rental. This premium porta potty has all the necessary features and accessories of an indoor restroom but the convenience of an outdoor and self contained portable toilet:

  • Toilet's flush system is operated by an enclosed foot pump for a complete hands free flushing toilet •  
  • Fresh water flushing toilet •  
  • Portable restrooms hand washing sink has hand to elbow washing capability •  
  • Hand washing sink has a foot operated pump for hands free operation •  
  • Antibacterial Soap Dispenser is installed inside the luxurious CEREMONY TOILET port a potty filled with CALLAHEAD's antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Our antibacterial soap meets OSHA and Health Department requirements for great hygienic protection •  
  • Dual roll covered toilet paper dispenser •  
  • Elongated comfortable toilet seat •  
  • Translucent roof for bright natural light •  
  • Solar powered interior light located inside the high end porta potty for night and evening use even when there is no electric hook up available •  
  • Mirror located inside portable toilet •  
  • Two convenience shelves inside portable restroom •  
  • Lockable door inside the port a potty to guarantee privacy •  
  • Occupancy sign located on the outside of the portable restrooms door •  
  • Portable toilet has six vents for excellent ventilation to eliminate odors •  
  • Coat and hat hook located in the interior of the CEREMONY TOILET high end port a potty •  
  • Headliner Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser is installed inside the upscale CEREMONY TOILET portable restroom filled with 250 toilet seat covers so every user may have a clean, dry and sanitary toilet seat •  
  • Headmist Time Released Air Freshener is installed inside this luxurious porta potty that will release a clean fresh scent automatically •  
  • Flowers/Floral Arrangement are delivered with the CEREMONY TOILET premium portable restroom and recommended to be placed on one of the porta potties interior shelves •  
  • Occupancy sign located on the exterior door of this VIP portable restroom •  
  • "CALLAHEAD New York" silver and grey signage on the exterior walls emulates to your guests the highest quality of your portable toilet rental.


The following is a list of special events where the CEREMONY TOILET luxury porta potty is most commonly rented. However, this portable toilet is an ideal rental for just about any outdoor special event, indoor special events with limited restroom facilities or public location where portable restroom facilities are needed.

  • Weddings, Bridal & Baby Showers •  
  • Bar Mitzvah's & Bat Mitzvah's •  
  • Communion and Christening Parties •  
  • Graduation Parties •  
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties •  
  • School Events & Ceremonies •  
  • Special Outdoor Ceremonies •  
  • Fundraisers, Benefits and Charity Events •  
  • Backyard, House Parties & Barbeques •  
  • Holiday Parties •  
  • Family Reunions •  
  • Birthday Parties •  
  • Remote Locations •  
  • Sporting Events •  
  • Park and Community Events •  
  • Water Shutoffs •  
  • Emergency or Disaster Relief Situations •  
  • Parades, Carnivals & Bazaars •  
  • Bathroom Remodeling •  
  • Block Parties •  
  • Community Events •  
  • Movie, Television and Photo Shoot Locations •  
  • Any Outdoor Event •  
  • Indoor Events with Limited Restroom Facilities Available •  
  • Beach Locations •  
  • Marinas •  
  • Restaurants, Bars and Pubs in need of additional restroom facilities •  
  • Corporate Functions and Events •  
  • Any location in need of a full service mobile portable restroom


The following is the detailed design specifications for the CEREMONY TOILET premium portable restroom rental. If you have any additional questions regarding this portable toilet's design specifications please contact us at 1-800-634-2085 to speak with a CALLAHEAD portable toilet specialist:

  • Material - Polyethylene •  
  • Portable toilets exterior color - White and Grey •  
  • Translucent roof for added natural light •  
  • Portable Toilets Exterior Height - 92.75" •  
  • Weight - 220 lbs. •  
  • Port a Potty's Exterior Width - 46.5" •  
  • Overall Depth of Portable Restroom- 47.5" •  
  • Door Opening - 74.5" x 28" •  
  • Toilet Seat Height - 21.5" •  
  • Holding Tank Total Volume - 64 Gallons •  
  • Large 64-gallon dual holding tank holds 19 gallons fresh water and 45 gallons waste •  
  • Fresh water holding tanks and waste water holding tanks are completely separate •  
  • Average number of uses - 125

Portable Toilet for Women by CALLAHEAD
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  • The Ceremony Portable Toilet
  • The Ceremony Portable Toilet by CALLAHEAD
  • The Ceremony Portable Toilet by CALLAHEAD
  • The Ceremony Portable Toilet by CALLAHEAD
  • The Ceremony Portable Toilet by CALLAHEAD
  • The Ceremony Portable Toilet by CALLAHEAD
The Ceremony Portable Toilet, Outside

The Ceremony Portable Toilet

Luxury Awaits...

Luxury Awaits...

Porta Potty Comfortable Interior

Comfortable Interior

Foot Action Flushing Toilet!

Foot Action Flushing Toilet!

Hand Washing Sink for Cleanliness!

Hand Washing Sink for Cleanliness!

Mirror Built Into Door!

Mirror Built Into Door!

Bright, Translucent Roof

Bright, Translucent Roof

Toilet Seat Covers for Comfort.

Hygienic Toilet Seat Covers

Enjoy the Air Freshener!

Time Released Air Freshener

Soap and Paper Towels

Soap and Paper Towels

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