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The Restroom Station is an excellent choice of bathroom facilities when seeking restroom trailers NY. Whether you’re having a black tie event, a back yard barbeque, or running a job-site, The Restroom Station can be delivered fast, set-up even quicker and be rented for all long term and short term jobs.

Depending on use, the restroom station can be serviced weekly, daily, hourly, or on call. Delivered completely loaded and ready for use, the restroom station requires a 110 volt electric hook-up and a fresh water hose hook-up supplied by the customer.

If either the electric hook-up or water hook-up are not available due to placement, Call-A-Head can supply both the electric and water hook-up with a generator and two 300 gallon fresh water tanks, all of which is hooked-up directly behind The restroom station.

The Restroom Station restroom trailer appears exactly as it does in the picture and is one of the most beautifu, well appointed public bathroom facilities available.

Call-A-Head believes bathroom facilities are a necessity and therefore, the simpler and more reliable we try to keep things, the happier our customers are.

Whether it’s for an event or a long term rental, call Call-A-Head today. We will solve all your bathroom requirements as easily, as fast and affordable as possible.

The Restroom Station Bathroom Trailer - Portable Restroom Trailer


• 5 Porcelain toilet bowls • 3 Standard brand porcelain wall hung urinals • 5 Private toilet stalls • Privacy screens at urinals • 2 Sink vanities • 2 Trash receptacles • 2 Paper towel dispensers • 2 Soap dispensers • 4 Chrome self closing faucets • Sky lights • Crank-up roof vents • Exhaust fans • Florescent lighting • Air conditioning with heat • 4 Entrances and exit doors • Non-skid gel coat poured floors • Extra roomy interior • Water-proof fiberglass interior • Easy to clean surfaces • Sparkling white gel coat finish • Hot and cold fresh water • Climate controlled • 3 set of exterior stairs and platforms • Exterior handrails • Wide steps and large landings • Generator (available) • Fresh water delivery tank truck (available)


• Also available with head attendant service to maintain restroom station while in use. • The restroom station arrives completely loaded with liquid soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and empty lined trash cans. • A separate door for entrance and exit keeps people traffic moving faster in and out of trailer. • All the comfort and convenience of any beautifully appointed public bathroom. • At 24 feet by 8 feet it is able to fit almost anywhere including most driveways. • Available for all short term or long term rentals. • Designed to function consistently under an enormous amount of use. • No need for water and electric hook-up. Both can be provided by Call-A-Head to operate trailer. • Ready for immediate delivery. Can be delivered fast and set up even faster. Always in stock. • Functional, economical, comfortable and reliable.



Short-Term or Special Event Use (300 people per 8 hours of use) • Long-term or Job-site rental. Use amount depends on amount of time & number of persons using. Must call. • Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs • Parties & Block Parties • Construction Sites • Sporting Events • Park & Community Events • Emergencies & Water Shutoffs • Remote Locations • Concerts • Running Events & Marathons • Parades, Carnivals & Bazaars • Restroom Remodeling

Water and electric can be supplied by Call-A-Head with 2-300 gallon fresh water tanks and a 100 AMP generator.

The Restroom Station Bathroom Trailer - Portable Restroom Trailer
The Restroom Station Bathroom Trailer - Sink with Mirror
The Restroom Station Bathroom Trailer - Portable Restroom Trailer

Luxury Restroom Station!

The Restroom Station Bathroom Trailer - Sink with Mirror, and more!

Sink, Mirror and More!

The Restroom Station Bathroom Trailer - Flushing Toilets in Stalls

Flushing Toilets in Stalls

The Restroom Station Bathroom Trailer - Three Urinals for Men

Three Urinals for Men

The Restroom Station Bathroom Trailer - Overhead Air Conditioner

Overhead Air Conditioner

The Restroom Station Bathroom Trailer - Grab bar for safety

Grab Bar on Stairs for Safety

The Restroom Station Bathroom Trailer - Electric Lighting inside and out

Lighting Inside Trailer and Out

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