The Water Closet


The WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom is a long-term portable toilet rental to provide comfortable and sanitary bathroom facilities. The WATER CLOSET is an upgrade from a standard portable toilet with a flushing toilet, and handwashing sink with antibacterial soap and towels included. The term “water-closet” was the original term for a room with a toilet. Going back to the 1700s, a water closet was a room in the home with plumbing for doing private business and washing up. Since handwashing is essential to protect the public from spreading illnesses and deadly viruses, the WATER CLOSET delivers both a toilet and sink in one convenient and efficient rental. The WATER CLOSET’s flushing toilet and handwashing sink are separate, hard sided and self-contained so you never have to worry about contamination. Construction crews at the job site, staff and visitors at pop-up hospitals or any long-term rental location will appreciate the WATER CLOSET full-service portable toilet when they need to use the restroom facilities.

The WATER CLOSET delivers the best in portable toilets to New York’s businesses and residents. The WATER CLOSET is an ideal portable toilet rental for New York restaurants and bars, sporting facilities, marinas, parks, transportation centers, parking garages, and seasonal locations. The WATER CLOSET exterior signage was artistically designed to include CALLAHEAD’s registered trademark phrase “We’re #1 At Picking Up #2”. A phrase written by CALLAHEAD nearly five decades ago. Workers and patrons will be impressed with the cleanliness and amenities provided inside the WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom.

CALLAHEAD’s WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom is a full size portable toilet rental. This portable toilet includes all the comforts you would find and expect inside any public restroom yet it is completely self-contained and portable. The gray coloring and its durable polyethylene construction resemble strength. The WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom has a self-closing spring loaded door with an internal locking system that illuminates the exterior locking sign to ensure user privacy.

The interior of the WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom is extremely spacious. This is a private single enclosed portable toilet equipped with a full-size flushing toilet bowl with foot-operated flushing system for hands-free operation. The enclosed cavity tank eliminates odors and keeps waste out of sight. A wall mounted covered double roll toilet paper dispenser is easily accessible. A separate non-splash urinal is located away from the toilet bowl. The handwashing sink also has a foot operated pump for easy use and the utmost sanitary protection. The soap dispenser is above the sink and filled with CALLAHEAD’s antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria to eliminate the spread of germs and viruses. A hand towel dispenser is mounted next to the soap dispenser. We have two coat and hat hooks inside the WATER CLOSET to hang a jacket, purse, tool belt or other personal items. There is also a mirror on the interior door.

The WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom has a chimney stack along with combination floor and ceiling wall vents to provide excellent air flow and release odors from previous users. The WATER CLOSET has a bright white translucent roof to deliver bright natural light inside the porta potty.

This long-term portable toilet rental promises to provide the maximum value with its rental. A CALLAHEAD uniformed delivery specialist will deliver the WATER CLOSET and place it in the location you select. CALLAHEAD’s weekly cleaning service is included with every long-term rental by a trained uniformed service technician. At each cleaning service, our professional technician will arrive in one of CALLAHEAD’s shiny signature tank trucks to clean and sanitize the WATER CLOSET with only hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants. The technician will also sign and date the CALLAHEAD sign-in sheet installed inside every WATER CLOSET at every service.

The WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom is available for same day delivery. We service all of New York City’s five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island, Westchester County and all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties Long Island.

Portable Toilet in New York


For added convenience, we are proud to offer the below list of optional accessory items with your WATER CLOSET port a john rental. All of CALLAHEAD’s rental accessories for portable toilets were selected to give construction workers and contractors the same comforts and hygienic protection as if they were using an indoor restroom. CALLAHEAD’s portable restroom accessory items are unmatched in the portable toilet industry and include:


The following is the detailed design specifications for the WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom rental. If you have any additional questions regarding this portable toilets design specifications, please contact us at 1-800-634-2085 to speak with a CALLAHEAD portable toilet specialist:

Material – Polyethylene • Portable toilets exterior color – gray porta potty with specialty designed CALLAHEAD signage • Translucent roof for added natural light • Portable toilets exterior height – 90” • Weight – 245 lbs. • Urinal lip height – 23” • Port a potty’s exterior width – 44” • Overall depth of portable restroom- 48” • Door opening – 76” Height x 24.5” Width • Toilet seat height – 20.5” • Holding tank volume - 70 gallons • Handwashing sinks holding tank – 9.7 gallons • Average number of uses – 125


The following is a detailed list of the design features and accessories that come standard inside the WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom. This premium VIP porta potty has all the necessary features and accessories of an indoor bathroom, but the convenience of an outdoor and self-contained portable toilet:

Toilet’s flush system foot operated pump for hands free operation • Fresh water flushing toilet • Portable restrooms hand washing sink has hand to elbow washing capability • Hand washing sink has a foot operated pump for hands free operation • Antibacterial Soap Dispenser is installed inside the luxurious WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom is filled with CALLAHEAD’s antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Our antibacterial soap meets OSHA and Health Department requirements for great hygienic protection • Filled hand towel dispenser • Double roll covered toilet paper dispenser • Elongated comfortable toilet seat • Translucent roof for bright natural light • Mirror located inside portable toilet • Lockable door inside the port a potty to guarantee privacy • Occupancy sign located on the outside of the portable restrooms door • Portable toilet has ceiling and floor vents for excellent ventilation to eliminate odors • Coat and hat hook located in the interior • “CALLAHEAD” signature signage on the exterior walls emulates to your guests the highest quality in portable toilet rentals


Below is a list of locations and job sites where the WATER CLOSET standard port a potty is most commonly rented and recommended. However, this basic portable toilet is an ideal rental for just about any long-term rental location where temporary porta john restroom facilities are needed.

Commercial Locations • High Rise Building, Skyscraper, and Apartment Building Construction Sites • Commercial Building Renovations and New Construction • Construction Job Sites • Contractor Job-sites • Highway Construction • Parkways • Street and Road Construction Sites • Emergency and Disaster Locations • Bridge Construction • Industrial • Airports • Tunnel Construction • Sewer Job Sites • Over Water onto Barges, Ships and Aircraft Carriers • Movie and Commercial Set Locations • New Home Construction and House Renovations • Parks • Marinas • Restaurants and Bars • Parking Garages • Manufacturing Plants • Parking Lots • Lumber Yards • Truck Yards • Marinas • Car Lots • Municipalities • Remote Locations • Any Long-term Job-site Location in need of Portable Restroom Facilities

The WATER CLOSET Portable Restroom is a CALLAHEAD brand that delivers the world’s best portable toilet service to any job site. Our CALLAHEAD team is here it ensure New York businesses and residences receive the best experience possible with every CALLAHEAD rental. Our largest variety of rentals include portable toilets, restrooms, office systems, portable sinks, security guard booths, portable showers, fresh water delivery and so much more. Only CALLAHEAD has the largest selection, service, and commitment to provide the greatest portable sanitation experience for you.

The Water Closet
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