Containment Tray for Portable Toilets as an Accessory Rental

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Containment Tray Rentals for Portable Toilets by CALLAHEAD

CALLAHEAD's CONTAINMENT TRAY is our heavy duty yet light weight tray placed beneath your portable toilet and used as a drip tray to contain water and cleaning solutions to eliminate leaks beneath your portable toilet. Made of the toughest polyethylene available, our CONTAINMENT TRAY is highly recommended to accompany every portable toilet rental to assist in meeting local, state, and federal run-off regulations.

Any fluids that may leak will conveniently drain towards the rear of the tray to a pump out location for our uniformed service technician to remove when servicing.

The CONTAINMENT TRAY fits under most portable toilets and is outfitted with peripheral lip to ensure fluids flow into the pan and not onto the ground. CALLAHEAD is always researching and creating new products to develop and evolve the portable sanitation industry to ensure quality, cleanliness and exceptional service to our customers.

Our CONTAINMENT TRAY is just one of CALLAHEAD's many added accessories available to ensure you receive the best experience from your portable toilet rental.



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