The Red Head Portable Toilet

Red Portable Toilet for Construction
Red Head Toilet, Portable Toilet for Construction
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For added convenience, we are proud to offer the below list of optional accessory items with your RED HEAD porta john rental. All of CALLAHEAD’s rental accessories for portable toilets were selected to give construction workers and contractors the same comforts and hygienic protection as if they were using an indoor restroom.  CALLAHEAD’s portable restroom accessory items are unmatched in the portable toilet industry and include:

Antiseptic Dispenser can be installed inside your RED HEAD port a san filled with our waterless hand sanitizer. Our waterless hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria and meets OSHA and Health Department requirements.  Perfect for your sanitary protection before and after using the porta potty, the antiseptic dispenser supplies approximately 900 – 1300 uses and is 100% maintained and refilled when needed by CALLAHEAD with its rental

GoJo Hand Cleaning Dispenser can be installed inside the RED HEAD portajohn and filled with the #1 heavy duty GoJo hand cleaner.  GoJo hand cleaner is popular among auto mechanics for its ability to break down grease and grime easily. GoJo Hand Cleaner has become widely popular with construction workers and contractors to remove acids, cement and other solvents from hands.  100% maintained and refilled when needed by CALLAHEAD with its rental 

Paper Towel Dispenser can be installed inside your RED HEAD port a potty rental and filled with 250 sheets of double fold paper towels. The Paper Towel Dispenser is most commonly rented with the Antiseptic Dispenser or Go Jo Hand Cleaner to clean off any dirt or solvents that are otherwise hard to remove. Paper Towel Dispenser is maintained and refilled 100% by CALLAHEAD with its rental

Headliner Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser can be installed inside the RED HEAD portapotty filled with 250 toilet seat covers so every user may have a clean, dry and sanitary toilet seat.  Headliners are refilled when needed and 100% maintained by CALLAHEAD when rented

Headmist Time Released Air Freshener can be installed inside the RED HEAD portajohn that will release a clean fresh scent automatically. The Headmist is refilled when needed and 100% maintained by CALLAHEAD with its rental

Containment Tray is highly recommended to accompany every portable toilet rental to assist in meeting local, state, and federal run-off regulations. Any fluids that may leak from the porta potty will conveniently drain towards the rear of the tray to a pump out location for our uniformed service technician to remove when servicing the portable toilet. 

The RED HEAD is yet another unique CALLAHEAD portable toilet rental with a design that will get your jobsite noticed. The RED HEAD’s interior has all the necessities of a basic porta potty. Yet, this porta potty’s exterior is anything but basic. From its extraordinary bright red color, to its distinctive circular navy blue CALLAHEAD New York signage, the public will be immediately captivated by the RED HEAD portable toilet.

The bright red color will make this portable toilet stand out at your construction site, most importantly at night. The RED HEAD is the perfect port a potty to rent for evening, highway, and road construction sites to provide additional safety. The port a potty’s bright color is reflective to assist in alerting traffic to slow down. A portable toilet rental that is excellent to assist with job site safety while also adding an attractive oriental design to your location.

It is no secret that to be successful and stand out in business you need to do things differently. Not just in one aspect of your operation, but through and through. This includes the portable toilet you rent for your employees at the construction site. The RED HEAD porta potty will be noticed and delivers a positive impression of your company’s character. The RED HEAD signifies that you only rent the best in portable sanitation. A port a potty rental to provide hygienic protection for your construction or contracting job site that is also pleasing to the eye.

The RED HEAD portable toilet is constructed of high molecular weight twin sheet polyethylene. Its construction makes it one of the most durable outdoor porta potty rentals available. It has a full sized toilet bowl with an extra-large open cavity tank to handle heavy bathroom usage on the jobsite. A separate non splash urinal and easy to clean interior will keep the porta potty cleaner longer for sanitary protection. The RED HEAD port o potty has a lockable door on the inside and its exterior displays an occupancy sign ensuring every user has privacy. A covered toilet paper dispenser and conveniently placed vanity mirror are also mounted inside the RED HEAD’s interior.

The portable toilet’s chimney stack and six installed air vents releases odors from previous users quickly. While it’s smooth interior surfaces won’t absorb odors. The RED HEAD has an extra-large interior so construction workers wearing bulky tools can maneuver with ease even when the porta potty door is closed completely. The translucent roof allows for plenty of natural light inside the port a potty. New Yorker’s recognize that we must have the best to get the best results. A CALLAHEAD at your New York jobsite is second to none in the portable sanitation industry.


The following is a detailed list of the design features and accessories that come standard inside the RED HEAD portajohn rental. This traditional portable toilet has all the necessary features for public restroom use with the convenience of a fully mobile temporary portable toilet rental:

Door hasp • Covered paper holder filled with CALLAHEAD toilet paper • Separate urinal • Translucent roof for bright natural light • Elongated comfortable toilet seat • Occupancy Sign visible to others waiting to use the port a potty • Door is spring loaded self-closing twin sheet polyethylene • Interior lock on port a potty’s door to ensure privacy • Portable toilet has excellent ventilation to eliminate odors • CALLAHEAD’s designer circular blue signage on the exterior walls of the red portable toilet emulating the highest quality and cleanest portable toilets available anywhere


Below is a list of locations and jobsites where the RED HEAD standard port a potty is most commonly rented and recommended for.  However, this basic portable toilet is an ideal rental for just about any long-term rental location where temporary porta john restroom facilities are needed.  

Construction Job Sites • Contractor Jobsites • Movie and Commercial Set Locations • New Home Construction and House Renovations • Beach Locations • Park Locations • Parking Garages • Manufacturing Plants • Bridge Construction • Parking Lots • Lumber Yards • Bathroom and Restroom Remodeling • Truck Yards • Marinas • Car Lots • Municipalities • Remote Locations • Street and Road Construction Job Sites • High Rise Building and Apartment Building Construction Jobsites • Any Long-term Jobsite Location in need of Portable Restroom Facilities



The following is the detailed design specifications for the RED HEAD port a john rental.  If you have any additional questions regarding this portapotty’s design specifications please contact us at 1-800-634-2085 to speak with a CALLAHEAD portable toilet specialist:

Portable Toilets Construction/Material – High Molecular Weight Twin Sheet Polyethylene • Translucent Roof • Port a Potty’s Weight - 200 lbs. • Exterior Height - 92" • Portapotty’s Interior Height – 85” • Porta John’s Exterior Base 43" width x 47" depth • Portable Toilet’s Door Height – 79” • Portable Restroom’s Interior Base – 41” x 41” • Toilet Seat Height – 19.5” • Vent Stack – 4” PVC Plastic • Porta Potty’s Holding Tank Volume – 60 Gallons • Color – Red

The RED HEAD is available to bring your job site to that next level with its design, class, and cleanliness the same day as ordered.  CALLAHEAD services all of New York City’s five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island including Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties all the way to Montauk Point, and all of Westchester.

Only CALLAHEAD has nearly four decades of experience to bring your jobsite the best portable sanitation equipment available in New York.

We are the best at providing the most sanitary cleaning service, the largest variety in portable toilets, and giving our customers the best value for their money. The RED HEAD’s unique style is a CALLAHEAD designed porta potty which will bring distinction to your construction site. Our portable toilets and equipment always arrive in like new condition and are serviced by trained uniform service technicians. CALLAHEAD has the newest and cleanest porta potty rentals and our trucks are the most sanitary in the portable sanitation industry.

THE RED HEAD Portable Toilet, restroom
THE RED HEAD Portable Bathroom
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The Red Head Portable Restroom.

The Red Head Portable Restroom

Roomy Interior

Roomy Interior

Separate Urinal

Separate Urinal

Convenient Mirror & Coat Hook

Convenient Mirror & Coat Hook

Grab bar for stability

Sturdy Grab Bar

Comfortable Toilet Seat!

Comfortable Seat!

E-Z Locking Mechanism

E-Z Locking Mechanism

Dual Toilet Paper Holder

Dual Toilet Paper Holder

Bright Natural Light Through Roof!

Bright Natural Light Through Roof!

Service Record Label - Sign In Sheet

Service Record - Sign In Sheet

Visually Striking Signage

Visually Striking Signage

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