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Elegant Restroom Trailers | The Atlantic Luxury Restroom Trailer by CALLAHEAD

CALLAHEAD designs yet another stunning luxury restroom trailer called the . The is a 16' luxury restroom trailer created with an eclectic Beaux art design. This is one of Callahead's most elegant restroom trailers, and is the perfect luxury bathroom trailer rental for when you want the best for your guests with separate men's and women's restroom facilities.

Meticulously designed by Charles W. Howard, CALLAHEAD's President and CEO, to provide every guest upscale bathroom accommodations for both formal and informal social gatherings. Mr. Howard tastefully designed the to provide extravagance at any social celebration including, weddings, private house parties, fundraisers, or any short-term restroom rental need.

The 'S historic beachfront décor is from the bygone era that is sure to impress every user. This VIP restroom trailer comes with all the luxury amenities included.

The separate women's and men's restrooms have private bathroom stall(s), gorgeous gallery of framed old world beach scenes, lovely floral arrangement, thermostat heat and air conditioning, surround sound music system, a Kohler porcelain sink basin, brushed nickel trimmed vanity mirror, stylish filled soap dispenser, hand towels, tissues and filled candy dish included.

The women's restroom has two private bathroom stalls with floor to ceiling white solid wood lockable doors. The men's restroom has one fully enclosed spacious bathroom stall. The lavish details of the bathroom stall doors include a solid brushed nickel door set with stunning diamond cut crystal knob.

Brushed nickel steeple tip hinges with an elegant vine pattern emulate the turn of the century style. A brushed nickel coat and hat hook on the bathroom stall door for convenience. The men's restroom has two porcelain flushing urinals with a privacy divider.

The sophisticatedly designed privacy divider is a faux blue granite with wood trim and statuary marble caps. The has a bright white exterior with outdoor lighting perfect for nighttime events. Both the men's and women's restrooms have separately marked entrance doors. Each exterior door elegantly displays, "CALLAHEAD Luxury Restroom Trailers". The sturdy wide floating staircases have aluminum handrails and non-slip surfaces for safety.

The restroom's interior flooring is a faux marble mosaic tile that extends throughout the entire trailer. The walls are faux blue granite that continues to the wall's chair rail moldings. Faux statuary marble walls continue from the chair rail moldings up to the ceilings crown wood moldings. Elegant trim work includes base moldings, chair rail moldings, and crown moldings. There are also casement moldings around every door and skylight. The brushed nickel double sconce light fixtures feature opal etched glass shades to add an elegant accouterment to the restrooms décor.

The vanity countertops are a gray and white statuary marble with Kohler porcelain sink basins. Chrome Moen faucets have automatic shut off, to provide hot and cold running water options. Classic antibacterial soap dispensers, hand towels, filled tissue holders and candy dishes are also provided.

The vanity's built in trash receptacle drops the trash beneath the sink to keep the sink area clean. There is also storage beneath the sinks for extra supplies. The storage cabinet doors are white solid wood with brushed nickel knobs. A large decorative vanity mirror above the sink has low voltage recessed lighting. The vanity area's exquisite custom made floral arrangement enhances the restrooms sophisticated seaside décor.

Each of the two women's private bathroom stalls has a porcelain flush toilet bowl, brushed nickel toilet paper holder and trash receptacle. The pedal flush porcelain toilet bowl allows for easy hands-free operation. For your guests with infants and toddlers, there is a baby changing station installed in one of the women’s bathroom stalls for their convenience. White washed framed artwork depicting historic black and white beach scenes were custom made and selected for the .

The men's restroom has one private bathroom stall with all the historical and eclectic décor and luxury amenities as the women's restroom. The men's restroom includes two flush porcelain urinals, with privacy divider and a statuary marble shelving area above the urinals. Artwork throughout the men's and women's restroom adds a historical old world ambiance of the restroom's setting.

The Atlantic Luxury Restroom Trailer by CALLAHEAD

Product Specifications:

  • 5 Stations Restroom Trailer
  • Overall box length: 16'
  • Width: 8' 6"
  • Height: 13‘
  • Electric runs on a generator or standard 110 volt
  • ¾" garden hose connection with pressure regulator for freshwater hookup
  • Professional set up and fully operational in approximately 30 minutes or less

Exterior Design Features:

  • The exterior has a shiny bright white finish
  • Exterior lighting
  • Enter the restroom trailer via heavy duty wide steps with aluminum and steel frames
  • Aluminum handrails with three point support for strength
  • Separate marked men's and women's restrooms
  • Staircase safety lighting


  • Faux marble mosaic tile flooring throughout the interior
  • Interior walls have blue faux granite walls to the chair rail moldings
  • Faux statuary marble walls continues from the chair rail moldings up to the ceilings crown wood moldings
  • Trim work include base moldings, chair rail moldings and crown moldings
  • Vanity Area
    • Vanity countertops are a gray and white statuary marble
    • Brushed nickel double sconce light fixtures with opal etched glass shades
    • Full vanity 33" x 22" brushed nickel trim mirror with low voltage lighting above the sinks
    • Kohler porcelain sink basins provide hot and cold running water options on the main floor of the men's and women's restrooms
    • The Moen brand faucets automatically shut off to conserve water usage
    • Stylish soap dispensers filled with antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria are provided in both the men's and women's vanity areas
    • Well-designed filled hand towel trays and tissue holders
    • The vanity's storage cabinet doors are wood with brushed nickel knobs and steeple hinges with a decorative vine pattern
    • A trash receptacle is conveniently placed near the sink basin drops the trash beneath the sink to keep the sink area clean
  • Casement moldings around each door and skylight
  • Beautiful custom floral arrangements
  • Private deep and spacious bathroom stall
    • Pedal flush porcelain toilet bowls (Two in Women's and One in Men's)
    • Trash receptacles are provided in each women's bathroom stall
    • Each bathroom stall door includes a solid forged brushed nickel set with dazzling diamond cut crystal knob and brushed nickel steeple tip hinges with a decorative vine pattern
    • Brushed nickel toilet paper dispensers are in each private bathroom stall
    • Double glazed tinted skylights for natural light
    • Ceiling vents with fans for superior ventilation in each stall
  • Two flush porcelain urinals with privacy dividers (Men only)
  • Hot air heating ducted system and dual air conditioner is thermostat controlled for complete comfort
  • A central music system has AM/FM Radio and CD player with speakers installed in the ceiling
  • Lighting-Fluorescent lighting in the ceilings and over the vanity mirrors
  • Self-contained with separate fresh water and waste water holding tanks
  • Handles bathroom usage by hundreds of people at any event

Women's side design features:

  • Two bathroom stall
  • One porcelain sink basin
  • Toilet paper dispensers and covered trash receptacle are in every bathroom stall

Men's side design features:

  • One bathroom stall
  • One porcelain sink basin
  • Two flushing urinals separated by blue faux granite privacy dividers with wood trim and gray and white statuary marble caps
  • statuary marble shelving area above the urinal
  • Urinals operate completely odor free due to a special filter system

  • A fully enclosed bathroom stalls with lockable wood doors that go from floor to ceiling for complete privacy
  • Each bathroom stall is very deep and spacious
  • Every bathroom stall has porcelain toilets with a spring loaded pedal flush system so the toilet bowl will never stay running
  • Hands free flushing toilet bowls
  • Toilet bowls automatically refill after each flush adding the appropriate amount of clean water for the next user
  • To add water to the toilet bowl easily lift the pedal flush until the desired amount of water is achieved
  • Each bathroom stall is decorated with its own custom framed historic beach framed artwork
The Atlantic Luxury Restroom Trailer Layout


Weddings • Receptions • Corporate Parties • Business Functions • Concert Events • Horse Shows & Events • Awards Banquets • Fundraisers • Black-Tie Events • Film and Movie Productions • White Tie Events • Galas • Engagement Parties • Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs • Charity Balls • VIP Events • Bridal and Wedding Showers • Christenings & Baptisms • Baby Showers • Charity Events • Red Carpet Events • Holiday Parties • Communion Parties • Formal Parties and Events • Benefits • Birthday Party Celebrations • Graduation Ceremonies • Graduation Parties • Cocktail Parties • Holiday Parties • Celebrity Functions • White Tie Parties • Semi-Formal Parties • Award Ceremonies • Ultra Formal Events • Any Special Ceremonies • Any Special Event with a large group of people will be in attendance and quality restroom trailers are needed

The is a short-term New York bathroom trailer rental. It is equipped with a thermostat heating and air conditioning system to keep the restroom trailer a comfortable temperature any time of year. Fluorescent ceiling lighting and well-appointed light fixtures provide plenty of light inside the restroom trailer. There are also skylights to allow for plenty of natural light. Every private bathroom stall is also equipped with its own personal skylight, fan and ceiling vent. Electricity for the runs from a standard 110 Volt outlet or generator.

A CALLAHEAD professional uniformed delivery specialist will arrive to set up the restroom trailer at your desired location. Set up of the restroom trailer will take approximately 30 minutes. This is a completely self-contained portable restroom trailer with a separate fresh water and waste water holding tanks to handle use of hundreds of people at your special event. The can also be hooked up to a ¾" garden hose connection with a pressure regulator for fresh water hookup.

CALLAHEAD uses only hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants to ensure you will be providing your guests with the most sanitary restroom trailers available. For added piece of mind, CALLAHEAD offers the option of a professional uniformed restroom attendant to keep the in perfect condition throughout your entire event.

The was designed by Mr. Howard to provide the highest quality and the turn of the century elegance of the bygone era that is guaranteed to amaze every guest at your next big event.

This New York luxury restroom trailer is available for delivery throughout all of New York City's five boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, Westchester County, and all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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