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The CALLAHEAD Mobilet Trailer is an ideal mobile restroom trailer for all special events applications, as well as all construction sites.

The Mobilet Trailer is affordable for everyone and includes all amenities (see list) and is by far the best looking trailer available today.

From 10 people to thousands of people, The Mobilet Trailer bathroom trailer is the perfect solution. One or more trailers can be delivered fast, set up easy and simple to service.

CALLAHEAD’s never ending supply and availability gives all event coordinators and construction managers an incredible amount of flexibility. Their small size and maneuverability allows for multiple trailers in various locations as opposed to one large and more expensive trailer in one location.

Having this much versatility makes CALLAHEAD’s Mobilet Trailer the trailer of choice!

Mobilet Trailer - Portable Restroom Trailer


• 2 Porcelain Toilets • 1 Porcelain Urinal • 2 Porcelain Sinks • 2 Stainless Steel Faucets • 2 Mirrors • 2 Trash Receptacles • 2 Paper Towel Dispensers • 2 Soap Dispensers • 2 Toilet Paper Holders • 2 Exhaust Fans • Stereo Sound System • Wide Steps & Hand Rails • Air Conditioning with Heat • Water Heaters • Sky Lights • Incandescent Lighting • Carpeted Floors • Vanities • Electric - 30 Amps., 100 Volt required. (When not available, electric supplied by CALLAHEAD with a generator.) • Fresh Water hook-up required. (When not available, fresh water supplied by CALLAHEAD using 300 gallon fresh water tank & pump. • Sink Water Supplied in 5 Gallon Fresh Water Jugs hooked up to pump. • Outdoor Lighting


• Door Size - 30” x 72” • Trailer Weight - 2800 Lbs. • Length - 14’ Does not include hitch • Length 15’9” Includes Hitch • Width - 8’ includes stairs. Add 3 feet for ability to enter & exit trailer. • Height - 10’ 6” • Color - White with Blue Trim • Trailer Construction - Fiberglass • Waste Holding Tank - 300 gallons • Winter Freeze-ups prevented with electric heaters & skirting • Service - Automatic or on call


Short-Term or Special Event Use (300 people per 8 hours of use) • Long-term or Job-site rental. Use amount depends on amount of time & number of persons using. Must call. • Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs • Parties & Block Parties • Construction Sites • Sporting Events • Park & Community Events • Emergencies & Water Shutoffs • Remote Locations • Concerts • Running Events & Marathons • Parades, Carnivals & Bazaars • Restroom Remodeling

Mobilet Trailer - Inside View of Sink and Mirror
Mobilet Trailer - Inside View of Toilet and urinal
Mobilet Trailer - Fully Equipped Sink with Mirror

Fully Equipped Sink with Mirror

Mobilet Trailer - Flushing Toilets

Flushing Toilets

Mobilet Trailer - Standard Size Urinal

Standard Size Urinal

Mobilet Trailer - Mirror with Light

Mirror with Light

Mobilet Trailer - Paper Towels

Paper Towels

Mobilet Trailer - Overhead Air Conditioner

Overhead Air Conditioner

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