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5- Odorless Operation

The CALLAHEAD porcelain toilet system was created to operate completely odor free from its inception back in 1986. This is no easy task when you consider many of the factors involved.

Whenever a new account is acquired by CALLAHEAD through non-performance of our competitors it is always due to one of three reasons: 1) The entire system kept breaking down; 2) No one would come to the site to service the system; and the most popular, 3) The system smelled so bad they couldn't even stay inside the trailer.

Throughout the years CALLAHEAD has developed a process to where our systems operation is guaranteed to run odor free. Our attention to every detail along with numerous back-up systems put into place virtually eliminates the problems that arise due to odor.

The following information on how we have accomplished our odor free operation has been our little secret for decades. However, we now feel confident as the creators of the porcelain system to educate our clients (along with our competitors) on our odorless operation secret.

The CALLAHEAD porcelain toilet system is by far the greatest in the portable sanitation industry. We realize teaching our customers the very details of its odorless operation will give you the confidence that no other porcelain toilet system can compare to CALLAHEAD's.

The majority of the time the porcelain toilet system's waste holding tank is positioned only 4 - 10 inches below the porcelain toilet bowl. Due to the limited space available below the trailer there is absolutely no room for a traditional trap which utilizes a pool of fresh water to block the air coming from the sewer, cesspool or in this case, the waste tank. In this situation the air from the waste tank continually enters the bathroom right out of the toilet bowl itself.

In order to resolve this problem CALLAHEAD has come up with a multitude of processes to alleviate many odor causing issues.

• CALLAHEAD has developed a waste tank designed to operate as a holding tank, which at the same time operates as a bin. This is accomplished by putting three 8" equipment covers and four 3" caps at the top of the waste tank. We call this "the bin effect". The bin effect allows us complete access to the tank to clean-up many of the odor causing problems that your typical waste holding tank will not. Utilizing the bin effect, our service technician has the ability to remove all caps and covers to properly pump and clean the waste tank to eliminate any odor causing issues that can develop inside the waste tank before they can even start. Given that liquid smells much less than mud sediment the service technician will always leave 2" - 3" of water in the waste tank at every pump out.

The 'Bin Effect' in Holding Tank for Office Trailer Toilet System

With complete access to the interior of waste tank the service technician has the ability to use his hose to level out the waste into the water so at each service any leftover sediment is placed below the water line. Another odor causing problem within the waste tank is when the waste dumps out from the toilet bowl through the 3" dump pipe it can build a mountain of waste right below the dump pipe entering into the waste tank.

Again, utilizing his hose, the service technician can completely clean all of the waste build up in, around and below the dump pipe. If by chance there is a time that the mud sediment has a more serious build up at the bottom of the tank or anywhere else inside waste holding tank, the service technician can also thoroughly clean the entire tank by vacuuming the floor and scrubbing it clean with a biodegradable chemical.

If we did not operate our waste tank as a bin, we would not be able to tackle these major odor causing problems which will arise without proper cleaning of these waste tanks.

• During installation of your porcelain toilet system our installation technician hooks up one of the waste tank's 3" openings to the office trailers vent stack with a 3" PVC pipe. This vent stack will now act as a chimney creating the "chimney effect" to eliminate odors arising from the waste tank and smelling up your trailer. The chimney effect causes the air to pass through the stack opening on the roof of the trailer and that air siphons the air out of the waste holding tank. Any odor that is in the waste holding tank gets pulled through a pipe which passes through the bathroom interior of the trailer and is then released out of the top of the trailer eliminating odor issues.

The 'Chimney Effect' in Holding Tank for Office Trailer Toilet System


• Frequently people renting our porcelain toilet system tend to believe that the caps and covers should be taken off the waste tank (bin) to release any odor. Some customers have even opened them on their own which is a major mistake. It is imperative for caps and covers of the waste holding tank to remain sealed at all times unless being serviced by our service technician. Opening these caps and covers would be the quickest route for the odor since it is the largest opening and the chimney effect will not operate correctly causing odor to seep up into your trailer.

• The only ventilation we have in our waste tank is around the equipment covers. The reason we keep ventilation very low is so more air comes out of the tank through the chimney rather than go into the waste tank. This of course creates negative pressure inside of the waste tank. The result, when you flush the toilet bowl instead of air coming out into your bathroom carrying odor the air gets pulled into the toilet bowl instead which will eliminate odor from the waste tank from entering your bathroom.

• Also, during installation the technician seals every opening in the floor of the trailer to prevent any odor from being released inside the bathroom through the floor.

• During the colder 6 months of the year from approximately October 15 through April 15th CALLAHEAD uses our albrine solution to completely eliminate odor from the waste tank. Our powerful albrine solution consists of 2 ½ pounds of salt to every 1 gallon of water. This ratio of salt to water guarantees odor free operation of your system during the winter months as salt destroys odor by killing all bacteria and microorganisms virtually on contact. If during this period there is any foul odor it is most likely a dead animal in your trailer's crawl space or an unclean bathroom.

• During the warmer 6 months of the year from approximately April 15th through October 15th CALLAHEAD replaces the albrine solution with a strong biodegradable chemical placed in the flushing water to help kill odor causing bacteria.

• Due to many odor causing issues and waste to water issues we always recommend the sink system to be a completely separate system. This includes the grey water waste tank just like you would see on a plane, boat or motor home etc.

Odor issues can also arise due to the enclosed areas around the crawl space of your trailer. CALLAHEAD has several recommendations to eliminate the odors that would naturally rise from underneath the trailer.

• CALLAHEAD does not recommend enclosing the entire crawl space of the trailer with skirting since this will obviously prevent air flow under the trailer that can cause odor. We recommend where the equipment is located at the bathroom area beneath the trailer has absolutely no skirting whatsoever with the area directly across having lattice work of equal size to create airflow.

• Ideally, CALLAHEAD recommends to either having the entire area beneath the trailer be completely open or completely closed with lattice work, which we have found creates the greatest airflow beneath the trailer to allow for an odorless crawl space.

Lattice Skirting for Office Trailers

However, if enclosed skirting is a must for your trailer, we highly recommend a hinged door at our waste and water tank's equipment area as well as 6" circular holes every 4' to 6' feet at the midpoint height of the skirting, to create airflow beneath the trailer.

Enclosed Skirting for CALLAHEAD's Office Trailers

• An overflow of a waste tank would be a major problem that would put a large amount of waste in your trailers crawl space. Since trailers tend to have skirting as well as a lot of equipment such as tanks, pumps, axle, tires etc. clean up would not be an easy task. Furthermore, many trailers crawl space tend to be completely out of direct sunlight eliminating the possibility of the sun drying up the liquid waste naturally. With this information you can agree that overflows of your waste holding tank must be prevented at all costs. CALLAHEAD has created and installed an overflow alarm system which is placed inside of the waste tank that goes off before the tank ever has a chance to overflow. This alarm system when operated properly will eliminate overflows of your waste holding tank.

Another possible odor causing problem inside your bathroom and trailer could have to do with your porcelain toilet bowl. If your porcelain toilet is no longer holding water in the bowl itself this could create odor issues. For example, if you go to use your toilet bowl and there is no water in it you may decide to flush the toilet to refill it with fresh water before you use it. If this is happening to your toilet CALLAHEAD will need to replace your porcelain toilet. In this case the water is running out of your toilet due to the valve not sealing properly. Obviously if water can leak out of the toilet bowl then air from your waste tank will seep back into the trailer that would clearly have an odor. CALLAHEAD will solve this odor issue immediately by completely replacing your porcelain toilet.

CALLAHEAD's odorless operation of our porcelain toilet system has been developed entirely on our relentless pursuit to create the best porcelain toilet system for our customers. We utilized scientific factors as well as common sense and logic to perfect this system which has been developed and evolved over decades. We are proud to present our formula of our odorless operation to our customers in our goal to provide our clients with a worry-free porcelain toilet system. Understanding how our system works will offer you the peace of mind when choosing CALLAHEAD Porcelain Toilet Systems for your jobsite or office trailer.



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