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12- Customer Requirements for CALLAHEAD's Porcelain Toilet Systems (continued)


List of Customer Requirements:
  • Trailer with a bathroom intact.
  • 120 volt electric hook-up to trailer.
  • Crawl space height beneath trailer of 24" to 36".
  • At least a 3 foot wide space running parallel in the back of the trailer for access during installation and service.
  • Ability for our service trucks to get within 15 to 25 feet of either side of the back corners of the trailer.
  • An open and accessible crawl space for technicians to install and service the system.


Now that you have had a chance to review our minimal requirements we would also like to advise you of a few things that are not required. The following is what you do not need to install and operate CALLAHEAD’s porcelain toilet system.

Do Not Need

  • Do not need domestic running water.
  • Do not need skirting around your trailer.
  • Do not need a toilet bowl in your trailer.
  • Do not need a sewer or cesspool hook-up.

As you can see, our requirements to set up our porcelain toilet system are minor. Many of you may be even more surprised of what you do not need to achieve CALLAHEAD’s homelike porcelain toilet system in your job site trailer.

At CALLAHEAD we believe anything is possible and resolvable. Throughout the years we have overcome numerous obstacles during thousands of installations of our systems. If your job site trailer does not meet all of our requirements give CALLAHEAD a call so we may work hard to remedy your obstacle so that you too may have the greatest porcelain toilet system in your trailer’s restroom.



End of Porcelain Toilet System Information



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