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6- Delivery and Installation (continued)

The next important addition to CALLAHEAD's porcelain toilet system is the installation of our overflow alarm system. The technician will hook up a sensor unit to the waste tank and installs an alarm inside the trailers restroom which will notify you of the waste tank being close to full capacity. This was created to prevent overflows of your porcelain toilet system, although this alarm is much more important with domestic running water.

The following step of the installation process is the installation of heat tape and insulation wrap on all the PVC lines to prevent freeze-ups. The technician does this by running heat tape up and down both sides of the PVC pipes. He will secure the heat tape with electrical tape, plugs the heat tape into the outlets under or inside the trailer and then wraps all the PVC pipes with an insulation wrap. This process is known as our Winterization package.

Fully Insulated and Heated Pipes

The technician will now need to examine the breaker panel to figure out which breakers control which outlets. He will make sure the equipment amperage is below the breakers capability and then mark the breakers used with the CALLAHEAD equipment sticker. In the majority of cases two breakers will be required utilizing 20 to 40 amps depending on the time of year.

Now it is time for the technician to fill the fresh water tank with water, prime the pump with water and plug in the pump's electrical cord. He will then enter the restroom trailer and flush the toilet bowl several times to fill it with water and make sure it is flushing properly. The technician will then check that the pump is turning on and off and make sure the entire system is free from leaks. If the pump is working properly, there are no leaks and the toilet bowl is flushing correctly the technician has completed the installation of your porcelain toilet system.

CALLAHEAD Sign In Plate It is now time for the technician to install a flat white metal plate right above the holding tanks at approximately the 5 foot mark on the outside wall of the office trailer along with the application of the CALLAHEAD sign-in sticker to the metal plate.

The sign-in plate is signed every time a service technician visits your site to service your system.


Finally, the technician will install a 6" x 5" engraved plaque with all of CALLAHEAD's contact information. The plaque's text is engraved in silver with a faded navy background and has a chiseled appearance.

Fully Insulated and Heated Pipes

This beautiful work of art is installed right above your toilet bowl inside your trailers restroom so you have easy access to our main office's contact information if you are ever in need of our assistance.

Once the installation and set up of your porcelain system is complete, the technician will completely clean up all areas affected by his work at your job site. All of CALLAHEAD's technicians arrive in full CALLAHEAD uniform and will complete his work in a polite, respectful and courteous manner. Our porcelain systems can be installed within 24 hours of placing your order with the average installation taking between 2 to 4 hours to complete.

Since 1986 CALLAHEAD has kept the details of this porcelain toilet system completely confidential as our competitors for decades have tried to imitate our design. However, we feel sharing the in-depth details to our porcelain toilet system will give our clients the confidence they desire and deserve when choosing a porcelain toilet system for their trailer's restroom. CALLAHEAD's goal has and always will be to supply our customers with the best equipment and service in the industry.

Our Porcelain Toilet Systems are the greatest in the field or we would not have thousands installed in office trailers all throughout New York and growing daily. We consistently work to develop and advance our system which has kept us way ahead of all others. It is undeniable that we have the most advanced porcelain toilet system in the industry.



7- Inspection System

CALLAHEAD has developed an excellent inspection system for our porcelain systems to ensure every customer's equipment is set up flawlessly. Once your equipment is delivered and installed by one of our professional installation technicians we will send a uniformed CALLAHEAD inspector to your jobsite in one of our signature VW Buggies.

Inspection of your Office Trailer Toilet System

Fully equipped with a pad, pen and camera, the inspector will take detailed notes on the quality of work completed at your site. Next, the inspector will take photos in every possible angle of all the equipment delivered and installed by the installation technician.

Once the inspection is completed, the inspector will return to the CALLAHEAD office where we will examine his notes against his photos to check if there are any possible improvements to be made on the installation. If by chance there are improvements needed, the installation technician will be given explicate details of the changes necessary utilizing the notes and photos taken by the inspector and return to your site to complete the job. Upon completion of all required changes, we will have our inspector return to the jobsite to verify all the improvements by again taking detailed notes and photos. At the point of completion of the installation of our perfected porcelain, water and sewer systems, all of the notes and photos will be put into the clients file for future reference if needed.

Most improvements on an installation may include, better placement of equipment, cleanliness of the job, electrical and plumbing lines neater and fastened more securely to walls and equipment etc.

At CALLAHEAD we are clearly perfectionists or we would not have thousands of sites with our equipment. We have been under the same ownership since we came into business and believe, “Perfection is a matter of opinion, therefore it exists."

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