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The Contractor's Porcelain Toilet System

2 - Fresh Water Holding Tanks

CALLAHEAD's fresh water holding tanks were designed exclusively for the portable sanitation industry. Our goal was to locate the best white colored polyethylene tanks that were also the thickest and strongest available. Another significant feature we required of these tanks was not only their durability but that you could also see the water level through the wall of the tanks. As a perfectionist company we did not settle until we found exactly what we wanted.

Once we located the best blank tanks available meeting all of our requirements we began to customize each tank.

Our first step in our customization process was to support the top deck of the tank from naturally concaving which is essential. We achieved this by putting 4" wooden upright supports to support the top deck of the tank. The top part of the flat displaced polyethylene tank will always have the top deck of the tank collapsing into the tank due to weight and the natural forces of gravity.

Three Inch Threaded PVC Fitting with CableNext we will put four 3" PVC female threaded fittings into each corner of the tank which is required specifically for the plumbing hook-ups.

Each of the 3" fittings will be equipped with a 3" PVC cap with a cable attached to prevent loss.

The next step we will convert our tanks into a combination tank/bin which we call,"the bin effect." On the top deck of the tank we install three 8" equipment covers. When all three of these covers are opened up the holding tank can now be operated as a bin. This allows us to clean and scrub the tank entirely when needed, vacuum out the bottom of the tank as well as install equipment we require inside our tanks such as heaters, check valves, strainers, plumbing etc.

Our final touch to our exceptional tanks is the installment of two aluminum CALLAHEAD signage plate's one depicting contact information and the other gallonage of the tank.

Signage Plates for Holding Water Tanks

The CALLAHEAD fresh water holding tanks are the lowest profile tanks available at a maximum height of either 12" or 16" allowing them to fit under almost any office trailer. Available in 10 different sizes giving us the ability to accommodate just about any size job even when there is limited space available.

Designed and created by CALLAHEAD, our fresh water holding tanks are unsurpassed in the portable sanitation industry. We perfected these tanks to provide your porcelain toilet with guaranteed fresh running water. These fresh water holding tanks are available exclusively from CALLAHEAD and nowhere else. (see size chart below)

Fresh Water Holding Tank Chart

Width Length Height Gallons
24 48 12 50
24 48 16 75
36 48 12 85
36 48 16 115
48 48 12 115
48 48 16 150
48 72 12 170
48 72 16 225
48 96 12 225
48 96 16 300



3 - Consistency and Quality

CALLAHEAD has developed an excellent inspection system for our porcelain systems to ensure every customer's equipment is set up flawlessly. Once your equipment is delivered and installed by one of our professional installation technicians we will send a uniformed CALLAHEAD inspector to your jobsite in one of our signature VW Buggies.

Consistency is one of the most important elements to a company's success, a products success and the success of any service. It is very difficult to create perfect consistency in a corporation because it completely goes against the laws of physics and human nature. Time after time nature builds then destroys, man builds then destroys and at times they work together.

For example, there is 60 days of beautiful weather and during this time man may fix, build or clean and then a storm comes and destroys what man has accomplished. This is very similar to how business operates. Natural forces opposing each other to where perfect consistency is very difficult to achieve or you could even say impossible (remember we believe perfection exists).

A Quick Note on Our Perfection Theory:

One of CALLAHEAD's Account Executives went out on maternity leave for a couple of months and had a baby girl. Upon returning to work she strongly debated our perfection theory with me. I asked her to argue all her points and that I promise once she was done I would have her agree with my perfection theory with just one sentence. Once she was finished I looked at her and asked, "Is your baby girl perfect?" She stood up with a look of shock and then smiled and replied, "You are absolutely right perfection does exist."

At CALLAHEAD we've learned the best way to create consistency is to have a backup system for all of our systems. This is an extremely difficult task, however to be a great company it must be done. A few examples of CALLAHEAD's backup systems are: For every 4 route drivers we have one extra driver; for every 4 trucks there is one extra truck; for every piece of equipment in the field we keep matching equipment in our yards; if we need 10 Account Executives, we would have 15; if we need 15 phone lines we would have 25 and so on.

As you can see to be a great company that believes in being perfect, it is very expensive, but is truly the only way to be the best. Multiplying the systems above and beyond the company's needs is critical to secure great service and equipment to the customer with the highest level of consistency. A perfectly run company mimics a machine, as machines do not operate inconsistently. Therefore a business must be as consistent as possible, especially to succeed in a company's inherit goal which is to survive.

Business is essentially war where the strong and consistent survive and the weak and inconsistent perish. For example, Warren Buffet an American investor, industrialist and philanthropist who is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world. Mr. Buffet has been going to work every day for over 60 years with his businesses and career built on his consistency. Would Warren Buffet ever invest in an inconsistent company? The same with the Big Mac, if every Big Mac wasn't exactly the same, McDonald's would not be the business it is today.

Another element to great consistency in business is quality. Quality creates consistency and consistency creates quality. The higher quality will elevate the consistency but it must be quality thru and thru from the company's equipment and products to its people and operations.

All employees should have the mindset of buy the best, be the best and sell the best. This mentality creates a consistency which is pretty close to perfect. As with CALLAHEAD having thousands of pieces of equipment on the street we can end the business day regularly without one single complaint. This is the CALLAHEAD way that has been achieved because of our continued consistency and quality.

CALLAHEAD's Many Examples of Consistency Include:

  • Every driver is in full uniform.
  • All CALLAHEAD trucks are the same brand and style.
  • Our office is open Monday through Friday from 7AM to 7PM and every Saturday from 9AM to 5PM consistently.
  • All routes get done on the same day of the week.
  • Our equipment is available for same day delivery.
  • Our trucks are washed every work day.
  • The phones in the office are always answered on the first ring during office hours.
  • Each Account Executive uses the same tools to educate and sell to our customers and prospects.
  • Our service technicians are taught to clean the equipment the same way every time.

The list of how we emulate consistency as a company goes on and on.

However, it is very important that we don't confuse the promotion of consistency with the concept of change. A great company must change faster than the rest of the industry. That change becomes habit and then consistent. Consistency is the final phase of change. Just as necessity is the final phase of luxury.


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