The Safety Light

CALLAHEAD believes you can never have too much safety at the job site. Our SAFETY LIGHT is standard with every CALLAHEAD SAFETY HEAD to provide an extra level of protection at the construction site. The will make every work area safer for workers and the public by enhancing visibility, making it essential for every construction location. The , together with the SAFETY HEAD, are designed and stand out, adding value to New York job sites. The is available in both red and yellow colors, which makes it impossible to miss.

Barricade lights are essential for visibility during evening hours and poor weather conditions. The is double-sided with super bright LED lights. Because the is solar-powered, it requires no electric or batteries to operate. The turns on automatically at dusk or poor weather conditions and turns off automatically at dawn. Having the at the job site will help ensure the safety of construction crews as well as pedestrians, bikers, and cars passing by the job site.

Adding additional security measures is especially necessary on road, highway, and street construction jobs. The flashing light of the will not go unnoticed by drivers passing crews working on the parkway. The will also benefit locations where there is little or no street lighting. Even when construction crews are not on the job, the will ensure cars passing over the bridge construction site see the flashing light of CALLAHEAD’s . The will assist in alerting traffic of work zones from a further distance since it is high on top of the SAFETY HEAD Portable Toilet. Due to the height, vehicles on the highway will see the construction site ahead from more of a distance than with lights on top of average size barricades.

The Safety Light View

Barricade lighting is also always required at New York Airports. CALLAHEAD’s is a must for a portable toilet to provide security and safety at the airport. The SAFETY HEAD portable toilet was designed to match perfectly with construction safety equipment such as safety cones, vests, signs, and hard hats. The SAFETY LIGHT, combined with the SAFETY HEAD, will have a positive impact on the public, employees, and clients. The looks incredible and shows that safety is a job site priority.

The will supply New York job sites with safety and cleanest portable toilet experience to eliminate accidents at the job site. Only CALLAHEAD is continually developing new and innovative ways to advance and protect our customers. Delivering sanitary protection with CALLAHEAD’s highly acclaimed hospital grade cleaning service and offering the largest selection of portable restrooms to accommodate any long-term outdoor restroom need. The with CALLAHEAD’s SAFETY HEAD guarantees to provide your job-site the highest value.

The can be attached it any CALLAHEAD portable toilet, but is highly recommended in high traffic locations with CALLAHEAD’s SAFETY HEAD. CALLAHEAD services all of New York City’s five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island, Westchester County and all of Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties to Montauk Point. CALLAHEAD has been in business since 1976, supplying New York construction sites with the best portable sanitation equipment and service in the industry. Don’t risk using anything other than a CALLAHEAD New York for all of your portable sanitation needs.

The Safety Light


Dual Function • Double Sided • Solar Powered • Flash Rate: 60 Times/Minute • Power: 0.4 Watt Solar Panel • Energy: 2.4 Volt 1600 mAh • Illumination: 2 High Intensity Super Bright LEDs • Effective Intensity: 6 Candela • Lens Cover Material: Polycarbonate • Overcharge: Protection Built In • 6 Hour Sun Charge: Operates 120 Hours (Flash Mode) and 72 Hours (Steady Mode) • On/Off Switch: Automatic on at Dusk; Off at Dawn • 12”H x 8”W x 3”D • ON/OFF switch: Automatic on dusk, off dawn • Security Bolt included • Replaceable solar panel shield • Colors Available: Yellow and Red • LED Lights


Below is a list of locations and jobsites where the is most commonly recommended.

Construction Job Sites • Contractor Job-sites • Highway Construction • Parkways • Street and Road Construction Sites • Emergency and Disaster Locations • Bridge Construction • High Rise Building and Apartment Building Construction Job sites • Airports • Tunnel Construction • Sewer Job sites • Over Water onto Barges, Ships and Aircraft Carriers • Commercial Job Sites • Parking Garages • Manufacturing Plants • Parking Lots • Lumber Yards • Truck Rest Stops • Truck Yards • Marinas • High Traffic Locations • Shopping Mall Construction Sites • Car Lots • Municipalities • Any Long-term Job-site in need of Portable Restroom Facilities

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