Valet parking services offered by establishments and businesses are understandably on the rise and growing in popularity. Safety, convenience, increased business, and positive first impressions are just a few reasons why valet parking is beneficial and becoming a necessity. The newly designed is a Charles W. Howard innovation for CALLAHEAD and the ideal choice to make the best impression on every valet parking location. Mr. Howard is an award-winning designer, builder, and CALLAHEAD’s President and CEO. The is by far the greatest valet parking booth ever designed, manufactured by CALLAHEAD, and unavailable anywhere else. CALLAHEAD’s is an artistic old-world design for valet parking attendants. Available in twelve color designs that will stand out and add value to any location. The is a must have for restaurants, nightclubs, and businesses with valet parking attendants. Some of the impressive designs and built in interior features include thermostat heat and air conditioning, shelving, custom key box, safe, lighting, electrical outlet, and a roomy interior to keep valet crews organized and comfortable during every tour of duty all year round.

Valet parking has become a necessity to help elevate any business. Valet parking services will maximize parking lot space to increase customer vehicles, capacity, and business revenue. Restaurants and nightclubs will benefit substantially from having valet parking services. Patrons will choose restaurants with valet parking services especially during inclement weather, evening hours, hard to park locations, unfamiliar neighborhoods, and for special occasions for their safety and convenience. Valet parking attendants on site are guaranteed to promote new customers and patrons hosting larger group events. CALLAHEAD’s is architecturally designed to be the most beautiful well-built valet booth ever created. The exterior design will look as though the valet booth was custom built just for the location, adding even more value. The interior of the has all the essentials for valet staff to operate while keeping them secure and comfortable during every New York season.

Valet parking services are a necessity for catering halls, restaurants, special events, concert venues, hotels, country clubs, sports facilities, government institutions, arenas, casinos, racetracks, nightclubs, shopping malls, hospitals, corporate offices, medical buildings, spas, car dealers, movie theaters, parking garages, condominiums, private estates, golf courses, weddings, formal and black-tie events etc. CALLAHEAD’s surpasses anything ever created. The architectural design is impeccable with designed panels, brass or stainless moldings and trim, decorative appliques, and standing seem roof all available in a dozen color choices. Twelve color choices deliver the perfect for any business or property. CALLAHEAD manufactured valet booths are designed to artistically complement any location to bring a higher value.

CALLAHEAD’s provides valet parking staff protection from the weather while the oversized windows on all four sides offer a complete outside view. Windows on all four sides give parking attendants the ability to see when new customers are approaching as well as help eliminate vandalism around the area. The is constructed of Azek low density polyethylene which means it is rot, waterproof and insect resistant to last a lifetime. Built weather tight with heat and roof mounted central air conditioning supply yearround comfort for long-term and short-term rental needs.

No architectural detail was left out when Mr. Howard designed the . Gorgeous appliques and crown, base, corner, and picture frame moldings extend all throughout. The standing seam roof color was selected to best complement the ’s exterior color. CALLAHEAD designer plates, doorknobs, and trim extend around the windows and doors adding to the ’s old-world design. Brass or stainless downlights light up the front facade to illuminate the work of art design. Twelve color choices with twelve specially selected CALLAHEAD signage plates, hardware, roof, molding, and trim design to create the most amazing valet parking booth ever manufactured.

Valet Key Booth 25 | ...

The is equipped with a commercial-grade aluminum auto close lockable door with a 24” x 17” window. The door has a key lock entry and an interior locking system. On the three sides of the are three 36” x 36” windows to offer easy viewing of all four sides of the surrounding area. The is completely weather tight for year-round use. A wall-mounted Stelpro 1500-Watt fan-forced heater will provide warmth during New York’s coldest winter months. A Coleman Mach 13,000 BTU air conditioning unit is installed overhead to keep parking crews cool throughout humid summer days and not interfere with any interior space. Offering a comfortable and well protected space for valet staff will retain good employees, create low turnover, and less sick leave.

The boasts plenty of interior space with all the built-ins to successfully operate valet services. There are two built-in cabinets with doors. One cabinet contains 50 brass key hooks for valet parkers to secure car keys safely. The other cabinet has four shelves and a mounted clipboard for paperwork to keep valet parking attendants well organized. A 12” x 12” lockable safe is installed and mounted beneath a large shelving area to secure valuables. A padlock can be supplied by CALLAHEAD upon request. The three extra-large sliding windows with screens offer fresh air flow inside. All windows have an interior locking system for added security. The marine grade plastic shelf is also included to place personal items. A porcelain pull chain LED light fixture will provide the necessary light for evening and nighttime use. There is also a 2-way 110v electric outlet installed inside the for convenience.

The ’s interior finish will match the exterior color. The Armstrong flooring is a wide plank faux wood or faux tile. The spacious 25 square foot interior boasts plenty of room for a table and chairs to provide a comfortable workstation during every valet tour. CALLAHEAD also offers the option of adding our convenient furniture package with the rental.

The will provide valet parkers, a comfortable and safe workspace so they may do their best to serve customers, clients and guests. Renting the will mean better and happier employees with less turnover and sick leave when they have a comfortable well-protected workspace. Since this is a CALLAHEAD brand exclusive design, the is available only through CALLAHEAD.

The is available throughout New York City’s five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island, Westchester County, and Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties. As with all CALLAHEAD’s equipment, the will be delivered by a CALLAHEAD professional uniformed delivery specialist. Our delivery specialist will arrive at your location in one of CALLAHEAD’s signature delivery vehicles and place the at the location you select.


For added convenience, we are proud to offer the below list of optional accessory items with your valet parking booth. All CALLAHEAD’s rental accessories for valet booths were selected to provide comfort and sanitary protection. CALLAHEAD’s accessory items are unmatched in the portable sanitation industry and include:

  • Table and Chair can be delivered and placed inside your to create a comfortable and productive workstation for parking attendants. The convenience of a table and chair will provide ample workspace for every valet tour.
  • Antiseptic Dispenser can be installed inside your filled with our waterless hand sanitizer. Our waterless hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and meets OSHA and Health Department requirements. The antiseptic dispenser is perfect for sanitary protection for yourself and those you encounter. The antiseptic dispenser supplies 900 - 1300 uses and is 100% maintained and refilled when needed by CALLAHEAD with its rental.
  • Paper Towel Dispenser can be installed inside the and filled with 250 sheets of double fold paper towels. The Paper Towel Dispenser is often rented with the Antiseptic Dispenser or Go Jo Hand Cleaner to clean off any dirt or solvents that are otherwise hard to remove. Paper Towel Dispenser is maintained and refilled 100% by CALLAHEAD with its rental.
  • Headmist Time Released Air Freshener can be installed inside the that will release a clean fresh scent automatically. The Headmist is refilled when needed and 100% maintained by CALLAHEAD with its rental.
  • Padlock for the interior’s wall mounted safe is available upon request

Each of the twelve colored parking attendant booths are unique and architecturally designed with coloring, hardware and trim work as follows:

  • In The Navy valet parking booth has a silver metallic roof with stainless hardware and trim work.
  • Pineapple Cream valet parking booth has a tropical green roof with brass hardware and trim work.
  • Fox Hall Green valet parking booth has a classic copper roof with brass hardware and trim work.
  • Purple Passage valet parking booth has a silver metallic roof with stainless hardware and trim work.
  • Easy Green valet parking booth has a classic copper roof with brass hardware and trim work.
  • Real Red valet parking booth has a classic copper roof with brass hardware and trim work.
  • Gauntlet Gray valet parking booth has a matte black finish roof with stainless hardware and trim work.
  • Dover White valet parking booth has a classic copper roof with brass hardware and trim work.
  • Something Blue valet parking booth has a silver metallic roof with stainless hardware and trim work.
  • Iron Ore valet parking booth has a matte black roof with brass hardware and trim work.
  • Essential Gray valet parking booth has a slate gray roof with stainless hardware and trim work.
  • Red Theatre valet parking booth has a brandy white roof with brass hardware and trim work.
The Valet Booth 25 is available in several color choices


The following are the detailed design specifications for the rental. If you have any additional questions regarding this valet booth design specifications, please contact us at 1-800-634-2085 to speak with a CALLAHEAD sales specialist:

Valet parking booth’s Construction/Material - Azek Low Density Polyethylene – making it rot resistant, waterproof and insect resistant • Appliques • standing seem roof • Hardware – brass or stainless • Trim – brass, copper or stainless • Interior lighting – 42” x 3” porcelain pull chain light fixture • Exterior lighting – Brass LED hooded lights – 6” x 2 1/2” • Color choices – Gauntlet Grey, Essential Grey, Dover White, Pineapple Cream, Something Blue, In The Navy, Purple Passage, Red Theatre, Real Red, Easy Green, Iron Ore, Fox Hall Green • Width – 4’• Depth – 4’ • Height – 8’ 4” • Door Opening - 22”W x 68”H • Door Window – 27”H x 17”W • Three Side Windows - 36” x 36” each with screens • Two Cabinets – One cabinet with 50 brass key hooks; One cabinet with four shelves and a wall mounted clip board • Marine grade plastic shelving – 57x15 • Safe – 12x12 wall mounted under shelf • Interior dimensions – 57” x 57”


The following is a detailed list of the design features of the :

Commercial grade aluminum auto close lockable door • Exterior door key locking system • Appliques, crown moldings, base moldings, corner moldings and picture frame moldings • brass or stainless moldings around the windows and door • Two interior cabinets – One cabinet with 50 brass key hooks; One cabinet with four shelves and mounted clip board holder • Wall mounted safe to secure valuable items using a padlock (padlock available upon request) • Brass or stainless doorknob • Standing seem roof • CALLAHEAD brass or stainless signage plates • Stelpro thermostat controlled 1500 watt fan forced heater • Three sliding lockable aluminum windows • Porcelain LED pull chain light fixture • Two way 110v interior electric outlet • Windows on all four sides for superior outside viewing • Armstrong faux wood flooring or faux tile • Sixteen square feet provide a comfortable work space for a security guard, table and chair • CALLAHEAD New York custom signage on the exterior emulating the best in portable security booth rentals


Below is a list of locations where the is most rented and recommended. This is the perfect portable valet parking booth rental to elevate any business.

Restaurants • Catering Halls • Corporate Buildings • Parking Lots • Hotels & Resorts • Beach Clubs • Concert Venues and Arenas • Hospitals • Bars and Nightclubs • Theaters • Spas and Salons • Gyms • Golf Courses • Casinos • Racetracks • Government Buildings • Sports Fields and Events • Country Clubs • Museums • Government Buildings • High Rise, Condominiums and Apartment Buildings • Airports • Museums and Zoos • Engagement Parties • Baby and Bridal Showers • Yacht Clubs • Graduations • Birthday Parties • Funeral Homes • Cemeteries • Churches and Synagogues • Nursing Homes • Doctors Offices and Urgent Care Facilities • Weddings • Private Parties and Events • Park Locations • Parking Garages • Marinas • Catering Halls • Formal Events • Corporate Functions • Holiday Parties • Concert Events • Car Dealerships • Estates and Private Houses • Shopping Malls • Supermarkets • Landmarks • Seasonal Locations • Private Events • Medical Facilities • Red Carpet and Celebrity Events • Government Buildings • Special Events • Award Ceremonies • Graduations • Businesses with limited parking • Valet parking maximizes parking lot space to increase business revenue • Any location in need of valet parking services

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