Callahead Corporation is proud to add to our long list of superior sanitation equipment, the Rollerhead.

The Rollerhead is the ideal solution for when your job site or special event is in a remote location and/or there is limited space available and restroom facilities are required. The Rollerhead is an enclosed unit for guaranteed privacy with an optional retractable roof, interior urinal and toilet paper dispenser.

The Rollerhead measures only 32” wide and 6.5’ in height so it fits easily in elevators, doorways, high rise buildings, houses, cellars, garages, backyards, basements, on top of roofs, docks, boardwalks, through narrow alleys, gates and hallways and just about any other remote location in need of restroom facilities.

The Rollerhead is equipped with four easy-to-grasp hand holds and high quality roller casters, guaranteeing easy maneuverability through tight spots and remote locations. Even if your high rise construction site is not yet equipped with elevators, Callahead’s Rollerhead includes a galvanized steel lifting hoist that hooks easily on to any crane to lift your Rollerhead to any floor you need.

The Rollerhead is your answer for those hard to reach locations offering all the benefits and comfort of Callahead’s standard size units with the added mobility you require. When only the best will do, Callahead!


Retractable Roof • Galvanized Steel Lifting Hoist • Enclosed Urinal and Seat Area • Proven Technology Door Spring and Latch System • Four Easy-To-Grasp Hand Holds for Easy Mobility • Stainless Steel Hasps • 38 Gallon Tank Capacity • Occupancy Sign • Inside Lock for Privacy • Vented Waste Tank • Check List Posted Inside; Dated and Signed at Each Service Call • Standard 2 Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser • Headliner Seat Pad Dispenser (optional)


Construction: Polyethylene with Steel Frames • Color: Attractive Blue • Width: Exterior / No Roof 31.2”; Exterior / With Roof 33.3”; Interior 30.2 • Height; No Roof 78”; Roof up 87.8”; Roof down 78” • Depth: 53” • Weight: 253 lbs - 297 lbs (standard unit to full feature unit) • Tank Capacity: 38 Gallons • Strong, One-Piece Galvanized Bottom Frame and Floor • High Quality, 15 cm Sealed Greaseable Roller Casters • Engineered for Natural Light • Recommended Used: 3-5 People on an Average 40 Hour Work Week • Average Number of Uses Before Service: 60

The RollerHead Portable Restroom for Hi-Rise Buildings


High-rise building construction or renovations (with or without elevators) • Apartment building construction or renovations (with or without elevators) • Home construction or renovations • Any location with narrow doorways or gates. • Any location with narrow alleys. • Cellars • Garages • Basements • Backyards • On top of roofs • Any remote location with limited space available • CONSTRUCTION SITES • MOVIE & COMMERCIAL SET LOCATIONS • HOUSE (NEW CONSTRUCTION & RENOVATIONS) • BEACH LOCATIONS • PARK LOCATIONS • PARKING GARAGES • SPORTING EVENTS • FUND RAISERS • PARKING LOTS • LUMBER YARDS • RESTROOM REMODELING • TRUCK YARDS • MARINAS • CAR LOTS • MUNICIPALITIES • REMOTE LOCATIONS