The is CALLAHEAD’s self-contained flushing toilet system that requires absolutely no water hook-ups for its operation. Ideally suited for construction sites, temporary offices, trailers, boats, buses, home renovations and other various sites and situations where a complete portable toilet is inconvenient.

This mini porta potty is designed to replace porcelain toilets in any location necessary. Since the flushing system is a foot operated pump, the provides every user hands-free operation for their hygienic protection. The toilet has a standard size seat, and the port a potty is equipped with handrails on either side for easy mobility.

The is constructed of a very sturdy grey polyethylene for a durability that will last. Its compact size makes it the ideal solution to fit in those tight spaces, such as storage areas or closets, if necessary. Whether you have very limited space available, an emergency situation or a contracting job site, you will require restroom facilities.

The porta potty is especially useful for frequently moved vehicles such as trailers, boats, trains, RV’s or buses with no sewer or water connection capabilities. Whether your location is in a high rise building with no elevators, where you have very limited space available, or you have no possibility of connecting to water, CALLAHEAD’s is the perfect solution.


  • Weight (approximately) 33 lbs.
  • Width 23” (Fits through closet door opening)
  • Depth 24 1/2”
  • Seat Height 21 1/2”
  • Easy to clean, sloped, contoured surfaces
  • Self contained, simplified plumbing system
  • Dual all plastic filter
  • Hands-free, hygienic, foot operated pump
  • 15-Gallon Capacity (32 average uses before service is required by Call-A-Head service personnel)
  • Tank, seat, bowl & flapper valve made from high strength, impact resistant Polyethylene.

Home renovation jobs • Handicapped and bedridden individuals • Office trailers • Garages and sheds • Buses and RV’s • Boats • Railroad cars • Shipping containers • Commercial & residential freeze-ups • Water main breaks • Highrise renovations • Apartment building renovations • Disasters • All remote locations

CALLAHEAD has the largest variety of equipment to accommodate any of your portable toilet rental needs, big or small!

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