The is a VIP portable toilet designed exclusively by CALLAHEAD with special features unavailable anywhere else. This one-of-a-kind portable restroom is more than just a portable toilet with a handwashing sink. It also includes safety handrails installed throughout its interior. The has everything you need for a sanitary trip to the restroom, including a flushing toilet, full-size comfortable toilet seat, urinal, and handwashing sink with filled soap and hand towel dispensers. What makes the so special are the six stainless steel handrails installed throughout the interior to offer stability and safety for those who require extra assistance when using the restroom.

The is a single self-contained portable toilet that can be used in any remote location without any electric or water supply needed to operate. The six stainless steel handrails will be appreciated by the elderly or anyone with physical challenges who require extra assistance when using the restroom. CALLAHEAD installed the handrails on all three interior walls to provide users who need extra assistance, stability, and peace of mind.

This portable toilet is stylish, too. The aqua and gray coloring will look great in any location. The is constructed of durable polyethylene for strength. The ultra-strong and smooth, two-ply walls wipe easily clean and do not absorb odors. The translucent roof delivers natural bright light inside. A 70-gallon holding tank will handle heavy bathroom use.

The is perfect for special events and an ideal rental for seasonal locations and long-term sites such as parks, beaches, pools, restaurants, nursing homes, churches, synagogues, hospitals, medical facilities, and emergency locations. The is a popular rental for graduations, community events, house parties, weddings, festivals, fundraisers, marathons, concerts, backyard barbeques, bridal and baby showers, and so much more. With the , you have everything necessary for everyone to have a safe and sanitary trip to the bathroom. The will impress every user with all the included amenities as well as provide peace of mind for the elderly when using the restroom.

Once guests see you have a CALLAHEAD portable toilet, they will greatly appreciate you for providing a portable restroom of the highest sanitary conditions only CALLAHEAD can provide. You enter the using the spring-loaded door that locks on the inside and triggers the exterior occupancy sign for privacy. The spacious interior boasts a full-size toilet seat with a closed cavity tank and foot-operated flushing system for easy and sanitary hands-free operation. The covered double toilet paper holder is conveniently located by the toilet seat. A separate non-splash urinal will help keep the toilet seat clean.

The handwashing sink also has a foot-operated pump for easy hands-free operation. Above the sink is a soap dispenser filled with antibacterial soap to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. A built-in shelf, coat and hat hook, and mirror are also available. The three interior walls each have two non-slip stainless steel handrails. Six handrails go both vertical and horizontal to provide users various options to safely hold on when they need to inside the .

CALLAHEAD is the world leader in the portable toilet industry in every aspect of our business. We provide the cleanest and most advanced portable toilets delivered to you in like-new condition. Our countless inventions have changed the industry and deliver only the very best and cleanest portable restrooms for our customers. We clean and sanitize all of our equipment with only hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants, a necessity for our society’s health and safety. We are a New York company since 1976, only serving New York City’s Five Boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties. We have over 125 trucks and 250+ employees dedicated to service every CALLAHEAD customer so you will never sacrifice on service. CALLAHEAD understands that to deliver the very best customer service in our industry, we must be dedicated and never extend ourselves outside of our service areas. Over extending our service areas like so many companies do only results in poor service and sanitation to affect the health and safety of customers. CALLAHEAD also has the most choices for any short-term or long-term rental need to accommodate any situation.

We offer same-day service to Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We have been servicing New York businesses and residents with the world best portable sanitation equipment since 1976. We are experts in the portable sanitation field and provide the most reliable, and sanitary portable restroom facilities in the industry

Portable Toilet in New York


The following is the detailed design specifications for the rental. If you have any additional questions regarding this design specifications, please contact us at 1-800-634-2085 to speak with a CALLAHEAD portable toilet specialist.

Color – Teal and Gray • Portable Toilet’s Construction/Material - Polyethylene • Translucent Roof • Six Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Handrails – 16” x 1 ¼” Each • Weight - 189 lbs. • Portable Toilet’s Exterior Height - 90” • Exterior Width - 44” • Overall Depth of Portable Restroom- 48” • Door opening: 24” W x 75.38” H • Floor Area - 818 in² • Toilet Seat Height - 18.75” • Holding Tank Total Volume - 70 Gallons


The following is a detailed list of the design features and accessories that come standard inside the COMMODE VIP PORTABLE TOILET rental. This portable toilet has all the necessary accessories of a restroom connected to a domestic sewer line, but has the convenience of being complete portable with no water line or electric required to operate

Door Hasp • Coat and hat hook located in the interior of the • Double roll covered toilet paper holder • Separate non-splash urinal • Portable hand washing sink with foot operated pump inside portable restroom • Soap Dispenser installed inside portable toilet filled with antibacterial soap that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria • Translucent Roof for Bright Natural Light • 6 interior wall handrails with stainless steel knurled finish • Flushing toilet with foot operated flushing system • Elongated, comfortable toilet seat • Mirror located inside the portable toilet • Convenience shelf • Lockable door for guaranteed privacy • Occupancy sign located on the exterior of the portable toilet door • Portable toilet is well ventilated to eliminate odor • CALLAHEAD’s specialty signage on the exterior walls of the portable toilet emulating the highest quality portable toilet rental.


For added convenience, we are proud to offer the below list of optional accessory items with your . All of CALLAHEAD’s rental accessories for portable toilets were selected to give users the same comforts as if they were using an indoor restroom.

CALLAHEAD’s portable restroom accessory items are unmatched in the portable toilet industry, and include:

  • Headliner Toilet Seat Covers Dispenser can be installed inside the and is filled with 250 toilet seat covers so every user may have a clean, dry and sanitary toilet seat
  • Headmist Time Released Air Freshener can be installed inside the that will release a clean fresh scent automatically.
  • Flowers/Floral Arrangement can be delivered with the and recommended to be placed on one of the porta potties interior shelves.
  • Professional Uniformed Portable Restroom Attendant is available to maintain cleanliness of your portable toilet rental during your special event so you don’t have to. Our trained professional portable restroom attendant will clean your porta potty rental after each user to ensure every guest is guaranteed a clean visit to the .

Uniformed restroom attendants are recommended:

  • When renting a large number of porta potties;
  • when renting portable restroom trailers;
  • if you have a large number of guests and rent a small number of portable toilets;
  • if your special event is corporate, dressy, formal and blacktie social gatherings;
  • when alcohol is being consumed at your special event.


The following is a list of special events that the is most commonly rented for. However, this porta potty is a great rental for just about any outdoor special event or public venue where temporary portable restroom facilities are needed.

Block Parties • Weddings • Graduation Parties • Barbeques • Special Outdoor Ceremonies • Birthday Parties • Backyard Parties • Remote Locations • Beaches and Pools • Parks • Sporting Events • School Functions • Park and Community Events • Water Shutoffs • Emergency or Disaster Relief Situations • Building Bathroom Renovations • Hospitals • Medical Facilities • COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Sites • Concerts • Marinas • Street Fairs • Bus Depots, Train Stations and Transportation Centers • Amusement Parks • Airports • Car Lots and Parking Garages • Marathons • Parades, Carnivals and Bazaars • Bathroom Remodeling • Churches and Synagogues • Bat Mitzvahs & Bar Mitzvahs • Fundraisers • Petting Zoos • Communion and Confirmation Parties • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties • Nursing Homes and Elder Care Facilities • Bridal and Baby Showers • House Parties • Festivals • Farmers Markets • Food Venues • Elder Care Facilities • Indoor Events with Limited Restroom Facilities Available • Restaurants, Bars and Pubs in need of Additional Restroom Facilities • Any Outdoor Public Event in need of Portable Toilet Facilities

Our portable toilets are available same day as ordered throughout New York’s five boroughs, including all of Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk Counties all the way to Montauk Point on Long Island, New York. A CALLAHEAD professional uniformed delivery specialist will arrive in one of our brand new delivery trucks. We believe in always doing more than we have to, so our equipment and service are pretty close to perfect. This is a CALLAHEAD practice with every equipment rental. No job is too big or too small for CALLAHEAD. When you want a portable toilet cleaned and sanitized with only hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants, the COMMODE Portable Toilet by CALLAHEAD delivers.

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