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5- Automatic Fresh Water Pump (continued)

At CALLAHEAD we believe in doing more than what is necessary, so we chose a very overwhelming pump to create 50 pounds of water pressure to achieve our goal. When we considered that the average house has 40 pounds of water pressure or less, we knew we were off to a very good start to accomplish our objective.

Our Automatic Fresh Water Pump is made of stainless steel, has a one horse power motor with a motor speed of 3400 RPM, uses 110 volt electric and pumps an amazing 900 gallons of water per hour. The purpose of this pump is to have a continuous 50 pounds of water pressure go to your toilet for exceptional flushing and operation.

Automatic Fresh Water Pump

At installation, CALLAHEAD's uniformed technician will install the water pump on a small custom skid outside the trailer directly in-between the waste tank and fresh water tank. Schedule 40 PVC plumbing lines are used to and from the pump which is heat traced on both sides of the pipe and wrapped with insulation to prevent freezing during the winter months. The electric line is brought under the trailer and plugged into the exterior outlet or brought through the floor of the trailer to an outlet (also see Winterization Package).

Our technician will then mark the breaker box with a sticker stating that the breaker is being used for the automatic fresh water pump. At CALLAHEAD we accept nothing less than perfection in every aspect of our business down to the smallest detail. It is evident that CALLAHEAD's Automatic Fresh Water Pump is the ideal pump for these systems as thousands of already satisfied clients would agree making our porcelain systems the greatest in the industry.

6- Delivery and Installation

When it comes to running CALLAHEAD in our inherit goal to be perfect, we have detailed quality control systems in place for every aspect of our operations. Whether it is answering the phone in our office, delivering and setting up our equipment, weekly service or equipment removal from any location every CALLAHEAD employee is trained to ensure all of our customers receive professional and courteous service along with the greatest portable sanitation equipment available.

Knowledge of how our equipment is installed as well as its operation are key factors in customer confidence and satisfaction no matter what industry, which is what makes CALLAHEAD the greatest in the field of portable sanitation. We believe every great company operates in this fashion such as, General Electric (GE). GE is known for educating both employees and customers about their operations, products and services and of course their quality. This detailed information about the installation of our porcelain toilet system will emphasize that CALLAHEAD is the best choice for your job site trailer.

Completed Installation of Outside Equipment

Our porcelain systems delivery and installation will begin with a CALLAHEAD box truck arriving at your job site to unload your equipment which includes your holding tanks, pumps, porcelain toilet etc. Our uniformed installation technician will initiate the installation with the waste water tank and fresh water tank that will be placed either along the backside of the trailer directly under the restroom area or right along side of the restroom area.



Once the tanks are put in their proper location he will then mount onto a skid the automatic fresh water pump and place it directly in-between the two tanks.

At this point the technician will need to go into the office trailer to remove the porcelain toilet already located in your trailers restroom so he may replace it with the CALLAHEAD porcelain toilet system you have selected. Our porcelain toilet will already be bolted up to a base plate with a toilet flange installed at the bottom of the toilet. The technician will put the porcelain toilet into the proper position above the 3 inch waste pipe opening and bolt the toilet base plate down with four lag bolts to ensure the porcelain toilet is firmly secured in its place.

The technician now must return to beneath the trailer to install a 3 inch PVC pipe into the toilet flange right through the floor of the trailer. You will now have a porcelain toilet bolted to the floor of the trailer with the 3 inch PVC pipe sticking out of the bottom of your trailer.

Three Inch PVC Drain Pipe for office Trailer Toilet

The technician lines up one of the waste tanks 3 inch openings with the 3 inch pipe to the trailer floor hooking up the 3 inch pipe to the tank with a fitting. The goal is to have a 3 inch waste pipe to go from the toilet bowl to the waste tank with a straight drop and absolutely no turns in the pipe. This straight drop is required to prevent toilet clogs and back-ups.

Next, the technician will need to go back inside your trailer to install a ½ inch chrome nipple through the floor which will also have a ½ inch chrome water valve like you would see in a typical home bathroom.

Speedy Valve Connector to Porcelain ToiletOnce the chrome water valve is in place next to the toilet bowl, the technician then hooks up a ½ inch stainless braided hose (speedy connector) which will extend from the chrome valve to the toilet bowl water line.

Your porcelain toilet bowl is now ready for constant water pressure. The technician now hooks up a 1 inch PVC pipe to the intake part of the water pump with a PVC adapter. The pipe goes over the fresh water tank, receives an elbow fitting then goes thru the fresh water tank equipment cover right to the bottom of the tank. He will then hook up a check valve-water strainer (foot valve) to an elbow fitting which is connected to the PVC pipe. This allows the foot valve to lay horizontally on the bottom of the fresh water tank.

A flow switch is now installed inside the fresh water tank which is connected to the vertical pipe. It is essentially just a plastic floating bob that is hooked up to a traditional extension cord. The bob is equipped with an internal switch and floats on top of the water and will drop as the water drops. This changes the position of the internal switch which in turn will shut off the electric. This is a very important feature since it will not allow the pump to run and overheat if the fresh water tank runs out of water. It is now time to hook up the exhaust side of the fresh water pump to the chrome nipple that comes through the trailer floor.

The installation technician will take a 1 inch PVC pipe and hook it up to the pump with a fitting that runs under the trailer to the nipple. This will be the fresh water feed to the toilet bowl. He then installs tank heaters into both the waste tank and the fresh water tank. The heaters go through the equipment covers and lay at the bottom of the tank. The technician plugs the heaters into an outlet under the trailer or he will bring the extension cords through the trailer floor to the closest outlets available.



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