The CABLE HEAD Hi-Rise Toilet

CABLE HEAD Hi-Rise Toilet Restroom interior view

The CABLE HEAD provides building, bridge, barge, sewer or other remote construction sites a full size port a potty for their workers. Placing a portable toilet nearby is convenient for the worker and definitely cost efficient for the employer. High-rise building construction throughout Manhattan is seldom only a few stories high.

CALLAHEAD'S CABLE HEAD will provide workers portable toilet facilities conveniently near their work site location no matter what floor. In high rise building construction without working elevators, it takes substantial work time away from the job to travel to the ground level to use the portable toilet. The CABLE HEAD will eliminate the need for workers from taking valuable work time to travel to the ground level and back just to use the bathroom.

Renting the CABLE HEAD will add to the productivity at the job site that is guaranteed to be cost effective to the employer. The CABLE HEAD has an extra large holding tank and separate non-splash urinal that can handle heavy bathroom usage. Workers will also be grateful for the convenience of hand sanitizing capabilities that is standard with the CABLE HEAD rental. The hand sanitizer is mounted inside the port a potty and filled with a waterless hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This protects employees from spreading illnesses to one another while assisting in the reduction of sick time taken from work for a more productive jobsite.

Construction workers will value the abundance of room they will have to maneuver inside the CABLE HEAD portable toilet. Even when wearing bulky tools and clothing, workers will be able to move freely inside this full sized portable toilet rental. The porta potty is completely enclosed, has a lockable door and occupancy sign so workers are rest assured of their much desired privacy when using the bathroom. This extremely durable portable toilet is constructed of twin sheet polyethylene panels, making it one of the most durable portable toilets on the market. The ventilation system is superior with 14 individual air vents throughout to disperse odors quickly from previous users.

The CABLE HEAD looks great on the jobsite too. It's orange and grey colors match well with construction equipment at the jobsite. This will establish to your clients and the public, that you are a well structured and highly regarded organization. Best of all, the CABLE HEAD will give your construction site workers the CALLAHEAD brand of port a potties. CALLAHEAD's CABLE HEAD supplies construction sites convenient and sanitary portable toilet facilities no matter what their location. Even high rise buildings without elevators or stairways, can receive the best portable toilet rentals in the portable sanitation industry.


The CABLE HEAD is valuable to many hard to reach locations that are widespread throughout all of New York City's five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties and Westchester County. Common construction jobs the CABLE HEAD is essential include, tunnel construction, bridge construction, train construction, sewer construction, underwater construction, overpass construction, barge construction and ship construction job sites. It is the perfect resolution when a job site requires a portable toilet to be placed below ground level, lifted above ground level or even taken across the water to a barge or ship.


Construction workers will be thankful to have a full size and private portable toilet. In addition, they will also be very grateful to have hand sanitizing capabilities for their hygienic protection. Scientific studies have proven that hand-to-hand contact is a major cause for illnesses which can be prevented through proper hand sanitizing. Scientists estimate that up to 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. Because of this shocking statistic, every construction job site should have proper hand sanitizing capabilities for a healthier environment.

Our waterless hand sanitizer mounted inside the CABLE HEAD kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria and meets OSHA and Health Department requirements. The CABLE HEAD'S hand sanitizer is a convenient way to safeguard you and those around you from germs and bacteria that cause many serious diseases and infections such as, influenza, E.coli, salmonella, meningitis, and gastrointestinal infections. Perfect for your sanitary protection before and after using the porta potty, the antiseptic dispenser is maintained 100% by CALLAHEAD and refilled as needed at no extra cost to you!


Cable Head near Empire State Building


For added convenience, we are proud to offer the below list of optional accessory items with your CABLE HEAD portable port a potty rental. CALLAHEAD's rental accessories for our portable toilets were selected to give construction workers, contractors or anyone using our long-term port o potty rentals the same comforts and hygienic protection as if they were using an indoor restroom. CALLAHEAD's portable restroom accessory items are unmatched in the portable toilet industry and include:


The CABLE HEAD is our full sized orange and gray portable toilet that will arrive at the jobsite with an over head cable hoist conveniently attached. The hoist attaches securely to a crane and easily lifts the CABLE HEAD to any floor of a building, lowered below ground level or lifted across the water or other remote location. The crane lifts the port a potty similar to any other piece of construction equipment used at the jobsite.


Interior: Polyethylene • Translucent roof • Weight - 205 lbs. • Exterior height - 89" • Exterior width - 44" • Overall depth - 48" • Door opening - 23.5" x 71" • Floor space - 19" deep x 40.75" • Seat height - 19.5" • Holding tank volume - 80 gallons • Color - orange and grey • Average Number of uses - 125 • Portable Toilet for Construction Job Site, recommended use: 9 to 11 people on an average 40 hour work week


Door hasp • Coat & hat hook • Dual roll toilet paper holder • Elongated no-touch seat • Inset mirror • Waterless hand sanitizer mounted inside for sanitary protection • Convenience shelves • Occupancy sign • Lockable door for privacy • Portable Toilet includes: Non-splash urinal • 4 inch vent pipe • 14 Individual vents • Twin sheet wall design • No wood is used (to absorb odor) • All stainless steel hardware used in this job site portable toilet


12 Bolt, 5/16 -- 18 x 1 CR5 PLTD • 4 Bracket, Lift Synergy • 2 Cable, 3/16 x 208in Black • 1 Cable Assy, Wet Lift • 1 Decal, Lift Synergy • 1 Instruction, Lift Kit Synergy • 12 Nut 5/16" NYLOC • 4 Nut 3/8 NC NYLOC • 4 Nut 3/8 NC • 24 Washer, 5/16 Flat STNLS • 4 Washer, 3/8 Flat


The hoist securely to a crane to lift the porta potty safely just like any other piece of equipment at the construction site • Provides workers in high-rise building without stairways or elevators to have a full sized portable toilet at a convenient location • CABLE HEAD can also be lowered to below the ground level for underground construction jobsites • Provides construction workers the privacy of an enclosed port o potty with plenty of room to maneuver when wearing bulky tools • Perfect solution for full sized portable toilet to be in a remote or hard to reach location • Available for rent by the day, week or month


CALLAHEAD has been servicing New York's construction and contracting jobsites since 1977. Our decades of experience delivering, servicing and removing portable sanitation equipment from high-rise building construction and other remote locations has made us the experts in our field. CALLAHEAD supplies like new port o potties with a cleaning service that surpasses all others in the industry.

Our trained uniformed delivery and service technicians arrive at every jobsite in reliable, brand new and shiny clean delivery and service trucks. Unlike other companies, we take special care to ensure all aspects of our service are sanitary. If a company cannot keep their vehicles and equipment they use to service your portable toilet clean, how can they even sanitize your portable toilet rental? Our service technicians clean every portable toilet with hospital grade sanitizing cleaning products and detail your port a potty to look shiny and new at every service.

We put attention to every detail to make sure our customers are proud to have CALLAHEAD on their jobsite. We will never compromise on providing the best possible service for our customers. All of CALLAHEAD's equipment is available for same day delivery throughout New York City's five boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island and all of Westchester County. Whether your job site is on the top floor of a skyscraper or across the water on a barge, let CALLAHEAD solve all of your portable toilet needs.


Below is a list of jobsites where the CABLE HEAD portable restroom rental, is most commonly hired and recommended for. However, this portable toilet is a great rental for just about any hard to reach long-term rental location throughout New York which includes Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn in NYC as well as Suffolk and Nassau Counties on Long Island, NY and Westchester County

  • Any location or job site where a portable toilet needs to be lifted above ground level
  • Any jobsite or location where a portable toilet needs to be lowered below the ground level
  • Any jobsite or location where a portable toilet needs to be lifted across to a hard to reach locations

High-rise building construction • Sewer construction • Boat or ship construction • Bridge construction • Skyscraper construction • Overpass construction • Underwater construction • Barge construction • Bridge construction • Train construction • Tunnel construction

cable head lifted by crane
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