CALLAHEAD Official Video Intro

CALLAHEAD introduces our nautical themed video intro design by Charles W. Howard, CALLAHEAD's own President & CEO.

The video symbolizes the nautical inspiration of our company, while also elevating the portable sanitation industry to a higher level.

The twenty second animated video portrays a sailor on an old world sail boat, traveling through rough seas and a raging storm. The short film captivates viewers with thrilling music accompanied by sounds of the intense storm as the sailor struggles to reach the head of the ship.  Once accomplished, the sailor safety enters a classic wooden portable toilet as sounds of the storm fade and tranquil music begins. 

The scene is then transported from the ship upward through the clouds to illuminate the "CALLAHEAD" brand, demonstrating the CALLAHEAD brand is here to resolve all of your portable sanitation needs and requirements.    

There is a lot more to the CALLAHEAD brand than our old world nautical concepts, which we depict throughout our business.  The very name CALLAHEAD actually derives from the word "head" of old world sailing ships. 

For those not familiar with the term, "head" is the name sailors gave to the ship's toilet, since it was typically located at the head (or bow) of sailing ships. 

Toilets were placed at the head of the ship, as most vessels of the bygone era could not sail directly into the wind.  The winds came normally across the rear of the sailing ship, placing the head essentially downwind. Secondly, with the toilet placed slightly above the water line, vents or slots cut near the floor level would allow normal wave action to wash out the facility.  Fittingly, the name CALLAHEAD has come to mean "to call for a toilet."      


The CALLAHEAD brand also connects to the history of the creation of the very first portable toilet.  The first "porta potty" was developed in the 1940's within the ship building yards of Long Beach, California.  The reason for its invention was to save ship laborers time traveling to and from the restroom, and inspired the creation of the first wooden portable toilet.  CALLAHEAD continues to create new innovations to supply convenient and sanitary portable restrooms in just about any possible or nearly impossible locations.  Our decades of experience have made the impossible possible while providing homelike restroom comfort and cleanliness.  

CALLAHEAD is a family business that began in 1976 on the island of Broad Channel Queens, New York.  Raised by a family of fishermen on Jamaica Bay, Mr. Howard has spent his entire life on the water boating, fishing and water skiing.  He continues to utilize his nautical experience and inspirations to develop new innovations that have catapulted the CALLAHEAD brand with concepts of tomorrow. The CALLAHEAD video intro clearly exemplifies Mr. Howard's nautical muse.

For decades, CALLAHEAD has been supplying the highest quality and largest variety of equipment to solve every portable sanitation need.  We provide consistency to our customers with our highly regarded sanitary cleaning service, using only hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants.  We deliver to all of New York City's five boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx and Manhattan, as well as, Westchester County and Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island.  CALLAHEAD continues to create new technology to advance the portable sanitation industry. 

The CALLAHEAD mission statement, "To Develop and Evolve a Human Necessity" and our consistent advancements to the industry, make us the portable toilet company of choice for every New York portable sanitation need.


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