• The Safety Head Portable Toilet in New York
  • The A White Toilet Porta Potty in NY
  • Contractor's Head Portable Toilet in NY
  • The Green Head Portable Restroom
  • The Red Head Portable Toilet for Construction
  • The Blue Water Portable Restroom NY
  • Construction Wash and Flush Porta Potty in NYC
  • Construction Wash and Flush Porta Potty in NYC
  • Construction Wash and Flush Porta Potty in NYC


The WINDSOR Bathroom Trailer

The WINDSOR is a 12.5-Foot luxury restroom trailer with an elegant décor perfect for intimate social gatherings to deliver an upscale restroom experience. This is a 3-station CALLAHEAD restroom trailer with separate women's and men's facilities.

The WINDSOR is a short-term luxury restroom trailer rental that includes all the luxury amenities and accents to provide a five-star restroom experience.


The MOUNT VERNON Bathroom Trailer

This is a luxury restroom trailer equivalent to restrooms inside five star hotels sparing no expense on detail and design.

The MOUNT VERNON brings opulent restroom facilities to your location which includes custom framed artwork, floral arrangements, designer soap dispensers, hand towels, filled tissue holder, candy dish, surround sound music system, and thermostat heat and air conditioning. Both the women’s and men’s restrooms have completely private bathroom stalls with white porcelain flushing toilets and Sloan white porcelain waterless urinals (men only).


The FALCON PT16 Construction Portable Toilet

The FALCON PT 16 is a standard portable toilet recommended for commercial renovations and new building construction sites.

This long-term rental will deliver clean and durable bathroom facilities that construction crews will appreciate. Its blue and gray design will look great on the job-site too.

The spacious interior includes a full-sized toilet seat, covered dual toilet paper dispenser, separate urinal, and coat and hat hook. 


The Pink Ribbon Special Event Portable Toilet

The PINK RIBBON RESTROOM is a VIP special event portable toilet guests will love to use, and you will be proud renting.

CALLAHEAD is thrilled to offer our PINK RIBBON RESTROOM and will donate 20% of rental proceeds to breast cancer research and awareness.

Of course, this is the ideal portable toilet rental for any fundraiser, but it is also perfect for nearly any special event in need of outdoor restroom facilities.



The BLUE AND WHITE CONSTRUCTION FLUSH is CALLAHEAD's long-term rental and an upgrade from the standard portable toilet. This full-size portable toilet has a flushing toilet and closed cavity tank which workers will appreciate.

Constructed of double ply polyethylene for strength, the BLUE AND WHITE CONSTRUCTION FLUSH is not only durable, but it looks great too.


The Job-Site Portable Toilet

The Job-Site is an upgrade recommended for construction sites. This portable toilet will add value to the job site. The specialty orange and gray colorings blend in perfectly with concrete and construction equipment. A separate full-size toilet seat and non-splash urinal, as well as an installed antiseptic dispenser, for hygienic protection are included. It is constructed of twin sheet polyethylene panels for durability and strength. The extra-large 80-gallon holding tank allows for heavy bathroom use. A lifting hoist installed upon request will offer easy transport of the Job-site when needed.


The EUROHEAD Special Event Portable Toilet

The EUROHEAD is CALLAHEAD's New York short-term portable restroom rental to accommodate any social event. The EUROHEAD is a German made porta potty that will deliver clean and sanitary restroom facilities when you need it.

With its distinct European design and CALLAHEAD's artistic signage that was created especially for the EUROHEAD, it also brings a European flair to any setting.



The WATERLOO portable restroom is an excellent choice for just about any long-term rental where you want the best portable toilet facilities and do not have an electrical hook-up available.

The WATERLOO was constructed using the highest quality materials including high density polyethylene marine grade plastic and marine grade aluminum.



CALLAHEAD’s NORTH SHORE luxury restroom trailer is a 5-station bathroom for short term rental needs.

It is perfect for any formal or informal social gathering when you require more than one restroom facility and do not require one of our larger restroom trailers.

The NORTH SHORE is impeccably designed to provide users with upscale restroom facilities for any special occasion, fundraiser, corporate event, or other social gathering where portable restrooms are needed.



The BLUE WATER Luxury Restroom Trailer

The BLUE HEAD is our Royal Blue colored standard portable toilet to rent that provides portable outdoor restroom facilities to the jobsite. Its design of clean fresh water will also give an uplifting look to your location.

The roomy interior has a full sized toilet seat and non-splash urinal. This durable port a potty is virtually indestructible. The BLUE HEAD is another of our traditional portable toilet rentals that provides function, design, and the highest quality at an affordable price.



The A16 SECURITY BOOTH was designed and created by CALLAHEAD for upscale security and ticket booth locations. This guard booth is architecturally designed using high density polyethylene marine grade plastic, aluminum clad and five different metals to add sophistication and value to any location. 

 This 16 square foot upscale security booth has a lockable door, 3 operable screened lockable windows and a Braun thermostat heater.  Boasting plenty of room for a security guard, table and chair for comfort during every tour of duty. 


The MODERN Luxury Restroom Trailer

The revolutionary HEADREST portable restroom invented by CALLAHEAD looks and operates just like a home bathroom. The exterior’s heavy duty architectural design is combined with a homelike restroom interior.

The HEADREST is also completely insulated to operate in well below zero temperatures and has a fan forced built-in wall heater that is thermostat controlled for guaranteed user comfort.


The Industrial Restroom Trailer

The A25 SECURITY BOOTH is a CALLAHEAD exclusively designed extra-large guard booth that will deliver value to any location. This is the ideal rental for security or ticket booth requirements.

Built using high density polyethylene marine grade plastic, aluminum clad and five different metals provide the utmost in security as well as an architecture that looks spectacular. This oversized 25 square foot guard booth is equipped with a lockable door, operable screened and lockable windows, and a Braun thermostat heater. The ample interior delivers plenty of space for a table, chair and cabinet for an efficient tour of duty.


The MODERN Luxury Restroom Trailer

The WESTCHESTER RESTROOM TRAILER is a 24-foot luxury portable restroom trailer short-term rental for special events. This restroom trailer includes all the luxury elements to guarantee every guest will enjoy their trip to the restroom. This is an excellent bathroom trailer rental for galas, parties, graduations, corporate events, weddings or other social celebrations. The elegant women’s restroom has four private bathroom stalls and the men have one private stall plus three waterless porcelain urinals with privacy dividers. The sophisticated artwork, decorative antibacterial soap dispensers, tissue holders, hand towels, and candy dishes promises to deliver every user a first-class restroom experience.


The Industrial Restroom Trailer

The INDUSTRIAL RESTROOM TRAILER is CALLAHEAD's 24-foot portable restroom trailer created especially for the commercial and industrial sectors.

This 10-station restroom trailer has all the essential amenities for cleanliness and comfort. The INDUSTRIAL RESTROOM TRAILER promises to deliver ample restroom facilities with CALLAHEAD's renowned first-class service for your long-term rental needs.


The Driftwood Restroom Trailer

The DRIFTWOOD is an 18.5-foot luxury restroom trailer equipped with separate women's and men's facilities to deliver first class elegance.

With all of the elements of the old world including, architectural trim work, faux granite flooring, faux marble walls, antique hardware combined with the modern elements of silver hardware, and grey coloring, the DRIFTWOOD is the elitist in restroom trailers.


The Job-Site Restroom Trailer

The JOB-SITE is an extra-large restroom trailer and a CALLAHEAD exclusive for the construction industry. Another design by Charles W. Howard to offer durability as well as design, while providing sanitary bathroom facilities on the job site for men and women.

The interior’s orange and gray coloring matches with equipment and cement on the construction site.


The PROFESSIONAL Restroom Trailer

The PROFESSIONAL RESTROOM TRAILER is CALLAHEAD's 30.5-foot long-term portable restroom rental for New York City's five boroughs, Professional, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. The PROFESSIONAL RESTROOM will provide sanitary restroom facilities when and where you need them. This is the perfect restroom trailer rental for mall and department store patrons and staff when restroom facilities are unavailable, or to handle overflow during peak shopping seasons and special sales events.


The SOHO Luxury Restroom Trailer

CALLAHEAD’s SOHO LUXURY RESTROOM TRAILER will deliver a sophisticated restroom experience with its classic urban décor. This an 8.5’ restroom trailer rental ideal for house parties, engagement parties or any intimate social gathering when you require more than one restroom facility. Separate and private women’s and men’s restrooms include all of CALLAHEAD’s signature designer amenities. Custom framed artwork, floral arrangement, antibacterial soap dispenser, elegant filled tissue holder, hand towels and candy dish delivers a VIP restroom experience.


The Modern Luxury Restroom Trailer

The Modern restroom trailer is the ideal rental for any large social gathering including corporate functions, galas, fundraisers, and weddings. Five star amenities included, this restroom is sure to please.

The MODERN LUXURY RESTROOM TRAILER is CALLAHEAD’s extra large short term rental guaranteed to deliver contemporary elegance. Its chic urban décor and VIP amenities delivers style along with the utmost sanitation guests are sure to appreciate.


The Atlantic Luxury Restroom Trailer

The ATLANTIC is a CALLAHEAD luxury restroom with a historic beachfront décor from the bygone era that promises to impress. The women’s restroom has two private bathroom stalls and full vanity sink. The men’s restroom has one private stall, two porcelain urinals, and vanity sink.


The Cambridge Luxury Restroom Trailer

The CAMBRIDGE is CALLAHEAD’s smaller sized Victorian design luxury restroom trailer for upscale and VIP events that require the best.

The CAMBRIDGE is old world opulence with all the luxury amenities, and custom framed artwork included. To provide extravagance for intimate formal celebrations, cocktail parties, weddings or any short-term rental when you want only the best in restroom trailers. Designed by CALLAHEAD and the only one of its kind guaranteed to impress every guest.


The SAFETY HEAD Portable Toilet for Hi-Rise

The SAFETY HEAD is a full size portable toilet designed exclusively by CALLAHEAD to deliver a sanitary job-site porta potty as well as adding to job site safety. The bright orange coloring and exterior reflectors will add to highway and road construction safety equipment such as traffic cones, vests, signs and hard hats.

A steel lifting hoist included is ideal for high rise building construction. A full sized toilet seat, covered toilet paper dispenser, separate urinal, and coat and hat hook are all included.


The RollerHead Porta PottyThe Rollerhead is the ideal solution for when your job site or special event is in a remote location or there is limited space available and restroom facilities are required.

The RollerHead is an enclosed unit for guaranteed privacy with an optional retractable roof, interior urinal and toilet paper dispenser.


The HI-RISE Portable Toilet | Portable Restroom

The HI-Rise head is used exclusively for maneuverability through buildings. This unit is very popular at highrise construction sites, renovation sites and remote special event locations.

When you need a portable toilet to go through doorways and hallways, in elevators, down in cellars and up on roofs the High-Rise Head is the perfect fit.


The RED HEAD Portable Toilet | Portable Restroom

The RED HEAD is a traditional portable toilet interior with a designer exterior that is sure to attract attention to any location.  Everyone who sees the RED HEAD will take a second look at this one of a kind outdoor portable toilet. 

A porta potty that is equipped with a full sized toilet seat, covered toilet paper dispenser, and separate urinal.  The RED HEAD will be turning heads while supplying the most sanitary portable toilet available anywhere.


A White Toilet Porta Potty A WHITE TOILET that is crisp, clean and affordable that will add integrity to the jobsite. Its porcelain white color presents the look and feel of sanitary portable toilet facilities.

This is a standard porta potty rental ideally suited for any long term construction and contracting site. A pristine WHITE TOILET that is equipped with a full sized toilet seat and separate non-splash urinal. Providing your employees confidence they can see from the cleanest portable toilet company in New York.


The GREEN HEAD Portable Toilet | Portable Restroom

The GREEN HEAD is a self-contained portable toilet that adds a beautiful landscaped look to any jobsite.  Blending in at new home construction sites or any park like setting because of its color. 

This portable toilet is perfectly designed along with its extra-large holding tank for heavy usage. A standard toilet bowl, separate urinal, double toilet paper dispenser, mirror, and shelf are just some of the conveniences of our nature lover’s forest green portapotty.    


The versailles Luxury Restroom Trailer

The VERSAILLES restroom trailer epitomizes opulence.  The ideal rental for large formal celebrations, this luxury restroom trailers has 5 women’s private bathroom stalls with two full vanity hand washing sinks.

The men’s restroom is equipped with 2 private bathroom stalls, 4 waterless urinals and 2 vanity sinks.  A CALLAHEAD one-of-a-kind assured to impress your most discriminating guests.


The Equestrian Luxury Restroom Trailer

The EQUESTRIAN epitomizes opulence equivalent to restrooms in five star hotels with all of the VIP amenities to pamper your guests.

Both the men's and women's facilities have completely private bathroom stalls, stunning custom framed artwork throughout, sophisticated floral arrangements, thermostat heat and air conditioning system, surround sound music system, elegantly designed vanity sinks with oval mirrors, and antibacterial soap and hand towels included.


The Plaza Luxury Restroom Trailer

THE PLAZA epitomizes luxury in restroom trailers. Designed by CALLAHEAD, this restroom trailer is the perfect restroom rental for weddings, corporate functions, or any formal event.

THE PLAZA restroom trailer’s fine decor mimics bathrooms of the gilded age as seen in mansions on Newport, RI. Combining innovation, function, and grandeur, THE PLAZA sets the standard for portable restroom trailer luxury.


The Plaza Luxury Restroom Trailer

THE MANAHATTAN provides an upscale restroom experience with a rich contemporary décor and luxury amenities included. This is a great restroom trailer for large social or formal celebrations.

THE MANAHATTAN women’s restroom is equipped with two private bathroom stalls while the men boast two private stalls and four porcelain urinals.  Beautiful vanity sinks, custom framed artwork, and elegant floral arrangements add to the VIP experience. 


The OXFORD Luxury Restroom Trailer

THE OXFORD is a CALLAHEAD designed luxury restroom trailer that is an ideal rental for black-tie events, weddings or any formal gathering where business or formal attire is expected. 

THE OXFORD’s "old world" charm and warm library feel is sure to please your most discerning guests.  THE OXFORD represents superior luxury in restroom trailers.   



The REGENCY Luxury Restroom Trailer

THE REGENCY is a luxury restroom trailer ideal for formal gatherings and special events when you want to provide your guests a restroom similar to those of high-end hotels.   
Rich wide wood plank flooring, private bathrooms stalls, elegant framed art work, custom floral arrangements, and vanity sinks with all the luxury amenities promises to provide a very pleasurable restroom experience.



CALLAHEAD’s Video Intro, a nautical themed twenty second video animation, is a masterpiece. The thrilling music is accompanied by echoes of a raging storm as a sailor struggles to reach the "Head". As the sailor enters a classic style wooden portable toilet, the storm fades, illuminating the fact that "CALLAHEAD" once again solves your portable toilet needs. The video is another example of the work of art that goes into every aspect of the CALLAHEAD brand.


Mission Statement
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Hello, my name is Kimberly Howard, and I would like to personally welcome you to CALLAHEAD’s Video Reel page.

These videos have been produced to assist you in selecting the perfect portable sanitation product for your job site or event, in addition to providing in-depth information about our company, equipment and service.

It is our goal to assure that our customers are confident that they’re renting from the best portable toilet company, and that they receive the highest value for their money.

I have been trusted with many job responsibilities for CALLAHEAD, in addition to being the spokesperson and script writer for these product videos. I also write for the website and company brochures, assist with sales and marketing procedures, decorate portable restrooms with accessories and custom artwork, recruiting, purchasing, research and development and any job duty necessary to help the company.

My husband, Charles W. Howard, President and CEO of CALLAHEAD, has been creating innovative systems for New York’s portable sanitation industry for nearly four decades. These videos, which I have been fortunate to be a part of, emulate his genius, which has made CALLAHEAD the #1 portable toilet company in New York.
As for our history, CALLAHEAD is a family business which originated in 1976. My husband began working at CALLAHEAD from the start, and at a very young age took over the company. From building portable toilets, cleaning equipment, deliveries, sales, marketing, purchasing and everything in-between, my husband has done every job duty of the company.

When I first met my husband in 1985, I was just 14 years of age and he was already running the business. What stood out most to me about Charles, even back then, was his creativity, work ethic and generosity. Even as a young man, he went above and beyond for his family, friends, and always gave back to the community -- which he continues today.

In 1989, just after I graduated from high school, Charles hired me to work at CALLAHEAD. I started part-time and eventually went to full-time. The company was small, and our office was even smaller. We didn’t even have a bathroom. Well, we did have the cleanest porta potties anywhere!

In early 1990 Charles built us a brand new office, which he designed himself, and included an indoor bathroom. We didn't have computers then. Everything had to be typed on old fashioned typewriters and filed into cabinets, log books and binders. It seems like the dark ages when you compare it to how we operate with today’s technology.
We worked well together and he was the most considerate, hardworking boss I have ever had. Back in the 80’s, with just a handful employees and a couple of trucks, I watched Charles’ determination and creativity grow the company before my eyes.

On the contrary to the majority of company CEO’s, my husband doesn’t have a plush private office at CALLAHEAD, and never has. In fact, he doesn’t work in a private office at all. Instead, he stands on his feet working alongside his dispatch, administrative and sales staff, utilizing the top of a file cabinet as a desk.

He stands completely in the middle of the chaos, and is always accessible to every one of his employees. Charles’ workday begins when our home phone rings (usually just before 7AM and at times well before) and doesn’t end until he comes home to finally sit down to have dinner around 10:30 PM. Each night I sit with our children at the traditional 6PM dinner time, and then wait to join my husband for a quiet dinner together to discuss the day's events, and our agenda for the next.

Is our life stressful and hectic? Of course, but whose isn’t? I know that neither my husband, nor I, would have it any other way. His passion, and steadfast pursuit to design and develop cutting-edge products for the industry, has been truly inspiring to me.

Today, CALLAHEAD is the largest portable toilet company in New York. What I feel my husband is most proud of, besides our five children, is the number of jobs CALLAHEAD provides to New Yorkers.

With 150 employees on staff supporting families, and helping develop CALLAHEAD into the greatest portable sanitation company in the world, is an amazing achievement. I believe we are the largest portable sanitation company in New York due to our constant evolution, our sincere dedication to provide the best to our customers, and our team of dedicated employees.

I hope our videos help you to confidently select the best product for your job site or event, as well as, give you insight into our genuine commitment to serve all of your portable sanitation needs.       Callahead Logo


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